Where would we be without gastropubs, bridging the cavernous gap between a cheeky fast food takeaway and a five course fine dining experience that requires you to book three months in advance?

Here’s our list of the 10 best places for pub grub worth checking out in Belfast…

1. Benedicts

Bradbury Place


Technically, it’s a hotel but most Belfast residents would consider it a pub and some would go as far as saying it’s one of the best places in Belfast for those seeking a quick hook up. But don’t let that sidetrack you from one of the best pub menus in the city. Given it’s reputation for eating and mating it’s an incredibly popular spot.

2. Love & Death Inc

Ann Street

Love & Death

Love & Death Inc deliver traditional pub dishes with a quirky twist, take for example the fish supper pictured above. It’s a great shout for a quick bite and their drinks selection makes it harder to leave.

3. The Garrick

Chicester Street


A traditional Belfast watering hole where beer, sport, music and food make up its four cornerstone values. There’s some amazing items on the menu like the slow cooked pulled beef burger and the five spice duck salad. But don’t leave it too late because they stop serving at 8pm.

4. The Morning Star

Pottinger’s Entry

A pub which started life as a staging post in the early 1800s, The Morning Star has remained a focal point ever since. The lunchtime buffet is a big draw, though we’re not sure how far back the concept of the lunchtime buffet dates.

5. The Eg

Malone Road

Eg Steak

Known historically as a student pub, a revamp has seen this bar welcome all comers. The star of the show is the new food menu boasting such intriguing dishes as Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Portabello Cheesesteak, the famous El Jefe Mojo Cubano and Jim Bean infused smokies.

6. Ryan’s

Lisburn Road


A student friendly pub for two reasons. Firstly its location and secondly because of its favourably priced food menu. Great value and great quality don’t always go hand-in-hand. Ryan’s is an exception with their Boxtys a shining example of contemporary gastropub cuisine.

7. 21 Social

Hill Street

21 Social

You don’t need to be 21 or social to get in here, but it helps. One of the Cathedral Quarter’s most sophisticated bars, 21 Social doubles up as an eaterie of high standing.

8. Lavery’s

Bradbury Place

Mini pork, lamb and chicken tacos at Bootleggers

A hub for alcohol enthusiasts of all ages, the Lavery’s complex also boasts a cracking selection of pub grub which means you never need to venture beyond its realms to get your food fix. The Scooby Snack pictured above is a popular choice but it MUST be accompanied by an ice cold beer.

9. The Hudson



One of the best things about bars that serve both drink and food is that sometimes they mix them. Beer-battered cod, whiskey-marinated honey glaze ribs and ribeye steak with Danny Boy whiskey cream are some fine examples at The Hudson.

10. The Pavilion

Ormeau Road


One of the best sports bars in Belfast, The Pavilion offers ball watchers a hunger-busting selection of pub favourites. Though it’s hard to look beyond the Heap burger.

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