St George’s Market is open late for two nights this week and there’s a host of treats for fans of food and drink.

We’ve picked 10 of our favourite stalls who’ve set up in St George’s for this exclusive event…


Allowing you to try some of the items on Birdcage’s new menu without having to go to Stranmillis


Some sweet treats from one of Belfast’s best Italian eateries

Whitewater Brewery

Because you’ll need something to wash down your food

Qui Poutine

Sample the authentic Canadian savoury delicacy that is Poutine… not to be confused with a gravy chip with cheese

Suki Tea

When it’s time for a local brew

Simply Irresistible

You’ll get a right feed at this stall!

Doughzy Donuts

Celebrating their newly opened shop… the first doughnut shop in Belfast

MacIvors Cider

It’s nearly summer… time to get the ciders in!

Mourne Seafood

It’s for the best…

The Cloth Ear

Chargrilled flatbreads kebabs from The Cloth Ear… they had us at chargrilled!

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