Whether you like it in a cup, on a cone, in the park or on the beach, Morelli’s Ice Cream goes hand in hand with our Northern Irish summer. So, as September fast approaches and summer (well, our slightly wetter version of summer) comes to a close, we bring to you 10 of our favourite Morelli’s flavours to try while the sun is still out.

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Double Cream Vanilla


A classic which is best enjoyed on a cone and with a flake. After tasting the sweet, rich taste and creamy texture, it’s not surprising that this flavour was voted the best vanilla ice cream in UK and Ireland, twice!

Parm Violet


This violet flavoured (and coloured!) ice cream tastes just like parma violet sweeties. The lovely colour and delicious taste will take you straight back to your childhood.

Pink Panther


This one will brighten up anyone’s day. It’s raspberry base with a combination of mini marshmallows and Belgian chocolate chunks provides a unique, mouthwatering taste.

Rhubarb and Custard


An ice cream version of the much loved desert. It has a custard flavoured base, rippled with fresh rhubarb compote. It is another of Morelli’s award winning flavours, having been awarded two gold stars at the UK Great Taste Awards 2013.



This is a new flavour from Morelli’s which was launched just in time for summer. It combines a smooth chocolate and hazelnut base with a creamy chocolate and hazelnut variegate that will remind you of everyone’s favourite hazelnut spread.

Mister Morelli


Morelli’s namesake flavour is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds. The yellow banana flavoured base works perfectly with multi-coloured chocolate beans. What a mix!

Pistachio Ripple


This flavour uses Morelli’s famous double cream vanilla as a base, then is rippled with a beautiful pistachio cream. It’s limited edition too, so grab it while you still can.

Sea Salty Caramel


This flavour secured Morelli’s a Great Taste Award in 2014. It blends a delicate caramel base with the finest coarse sea salt flakes. The combination of sweet and salty is truly delightful.



Another classic flavour. This favourite has a smooth double cream vanilla base jam packed with crunchy honeycomb pieces. Nom, nom!

Dime Bar Crunch


Last, but certainly not least is the combination of double cream vanilla with crushed Dime Bar pieces. Creamy ice cream and a much loved chocolate bar – what’s not to love?

If your mouth is watering now, visit www.morellisices.com for more information on Morelli’s including where to buy their products.

Morelli’s is a family-run, multi-award winning business which has been producing delicious ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt for over 100 years throughout Northern Ireland and beyond.

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