With summer here it’s time to ditch the thick black eye-liner and dark shadows (both under the eyes and over).

Summer means BBQs, holidays and festivals making it the perfect time to embrace a new look, especially if you’ve just invested in your summer wardrobe.

Anyway, if these looks aren’t for you then you can always treat your best friend to a surprise makeover!

Top 5 Summer Make-Up Tutorials:

1. Peachy Summer Corals

Diving in with a feminine look, this light and soft coral smoky eye and nude lip combination is perhaps a little too pretty for a walk in the park, but it’s gorgeous for a low key celebration.

The pale colours are pretty but seem natural, so there’s no fear of over or under-dressing.

2. An Everyday Summer Look

Who knew brown could  be shimmery? This warm look embraces the sunshine, if there is any.

3. Soft Lilac

Okay, so this look is probably pulled off better by a younger person as this startling lilac shade is bold and dramatic, followed up by false lashes that create a stark contrast. Lovely, but brave.

4. Summer Evening

For a garden party on a summer evening, this look is ideal. Shimmering shadows will brighten the glimmer in your eye, even after dark.

Have fun experimenting with the eye shadow colour to see what suits you best.

5. Tropical

An easy enough holiday look with bold blue eye-liner that will make your eyes appear striking (even if they aren’t). It definitely could not be pulled off in winter, that’s for sure.

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