You might have heard that the popularity of traditional tea has been declining in the UK.

Don’t fear, it’s not all bad. The reason behind the statistics is actually the growing love of herbal and fruit teas – it’s not like no one drinks tea any more, just different types.

Food analyst Emma Clifford said: “Reflecting a growing ‘foodie’ culture in the UK, people are branching away from standard teabags and towards more interesting alternatives.”

Here are 5 ways to drink tea in a more interesting way:

1. Bubble Tea

This Taiwanese tea has only been around since the ’80s. Most of the time it’s tea mixed with fruit or milk and then topped with tapioca balls with are like fruit jellies. It’s called “bubble” tea because of how foamy it is and there’s no one flavour – you can pick from basically any fruit!


2. Iced Tea

Refreshing iced tea is best served fresh on a sunny day. Generally the tea is mixed with flavoured syrup like lemon, raspberry or cherry to give it that taste of summer.


3. Peppermint Tea

A delicious and refreshing herbal tea infused with peppermint. Not only does this drink smell great but it’s also really good for you. It calms and relaxes the stomach muscles which eases digestion, making it highly recommended to any IBS sufferers. Plus, it’s naturally decaffeinated for those who drink way too much coffee.


4. Green Tea

Otherwise known as super-tea (not really but it should be). Green tea improves brain function, lowers the risk of numerous cancers as well as diabetes and heart disease. It’s basically the elixir of life and if you can get past the acquired taste you’re in for a winner.


5. Chai Tea

It’s a wonder how just a few Indian spices added to black tea make a whole new invigorating flavour. This drink is becoming extremely popular in coffee houses around the UK.


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