I’ve always loved vintage clothing and accessories.

There’s no better way to make sure you have something unique than to rummage around a vintage shop and find a little treasure that has been hidden for years.

Here are some of my favourites in the city:

1. Yellow Submarine
Botanic Avenue

Over a couple of floors this super wee shop has everything, a cool space, great vibe and of course the obligatory range of vintage and retro clothing from 1950s up to some great vintage inspired modern pieces.
Check them out HERE

INBV-Vintage Shops Yellow Submarine

2. Viva Retro
Bradbury Place

A new addition to the local scene, Viva Retro is an Aladdin’s cave of fantastic vintage and retro items. Take a walk through the little maze of rails, cabinets and furniture to rummage through some great finds.
Check them out HERE

INBV-Vintage Shops Viva Retro

3. Fresh Garbage
Rosemary Street

I realise there will be a number of people who are reading this thinking “what planet is she on?”. But the reality is that Fresh Garbage have been around for so long that they do actually stock a wide range of brand new retro alternative wear that they’ve had in stock all these years – but it’s packed away so tightly you’ve got to sift through all the new stuff to find it.
Check them out HERE

INBV-Vintage Shops Fresh Garbage

4. Oxfam Vintage
Castle Street

Anyone who loves buying vintage and pre-loved clothing will know that Oxfam have always had a brilliant selection of vintage gear. However, someone eventually worked this out within the charity and created their Oxfam Vintage brand a few years back. Now, there’s a few pros and cons here. The main pro being that we can now find all of their fabulous gems in one place…the con being they’ve been priced by people who know their vintage wear as opposed to a little old lady who thinks a blouse is just “old”.
Check them out HERE

INBV-Vintage Shops Oxfam Vintage

5. Vintage Magpie
Rosemary Street

What a great wee shop in the former site of a gemstone jewellery shop facing Fresh Garbage.  With a colourful array of clothing and a lovely airy, spacious shop the Vintage Magpie is a great place to find floral summery items as well as a great range of all the vintage staples.
Check them out click HERE

INBV-Vintage Magpie

6. Young Savage
Church Lane

Once Young Savage was a little hidden gem at the bottom of Royal Avenue in the back of a coffee shop, it then moved to a quirky corner of an arts collective building in North Street.
Now, Ken and the gang have upgraded to a great space of their own on Church Lane where they have spread their wings and expanded like jelly into every inch of the space.
Check them out HERE

INBV-Vintage Shops Young Savage

7. Octopus’s Garden
Wellington Street

Shamefully I have to say I haven’t managed to get into Octopus’ Garden yet despite being only just around the corner every day. That of course is going to change this week. I am reliably informed by friends that this little gem of a shop is a fabulous city centre shop filled with his and her fashion and accessories as well as pieces of furniture and a ton of brilliant records too.
Check them out HERE

INBV-Vintage Shops Octopus Garden

8. Rusty Zip
Botanic Avenue

Now, after a huge public outcry because it was closing down I wasn’t going to include Rusty Zip in my list. It’s been a few years since I’ve been in and bought my ridiculous green vintage sequin dress that made me look more like a Christmas tree than giving me the vintage inspired classy look I was going for. I suppose starting off with the right size would have been a good move. Anyway, I digress…what I’m trying to say is that The Rusty Zip is apparently back, under new management so while I can’t vouch for the content just yet I can tell you I will be paying a visit soon to see if I can redeem myself from the very stupid green dress idea.
Check them out HERE

INBV-Vintage Shops Rusty Zip

9. Liberty Blue
Lombard Street

I have to admit every time I go into Liberty Blue I find a wealth of pretty things that I think in another place and time would look fabulous on a skinnier, daintier more girly me. Apparently that parallel universe doesn’t exist. But that’s a good thing. That means if girly, pretty, cute and super sexy feminine is your thing – Liberty Blue has it all. While it’s mostly modern pieces they have some great retro pieces and vintage inspired designs in at the minute I’m told.
Check them out HERE

INBV-Vintage Shops Liberty Blue

10. Well Made Belfast
Belmont Road

What a great little place to end our list on. Not only does Well Made have the obvious hand made items but they do a great range of vintage and retro items and they’re a social enterprise so you get that extra warm fuzzy feeling when you hand over your cash.
Check them out HERE

INBV-Vintage Shops Well Made Belfast

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