The organisers of the German Bierfest have revealed the secrets to make the most of the event which is coming to Belfast’s Custom House Square from Wednesday May 18 to Sunday May 22.

1. Let’s get bier!


Bierfest is fundamentally about beer. A selection of true German beer including Festbier, Craftbier and Weißbier is presented by Bavarian Festbeer Brewery. Festbier, a dark golden lager with brownish hue, has a touch of sweetness and a strong and slightly bitter aftertaste. Craftbier, made out of hop flowers, has the lightest color among the three. It is a special handmade lager that gives you the taste of the spring herbs, refreshing and full of life. Weißbier, the signature wheat beer of Bavaria, is an all-time favourite for beer aficionados. The Weißbier on offer has a naturally cloudy shade of yellow with a subtle twist of banana-like flavor. Make sure to get a beer-tasting set at our Bierhaus for only £7.50.

2. Get yourself stuffed


Bierfest is much more than just beer”, claims Carsten Raun, festival director. A wide range of German food and drinks is on offer. An entire “house” is dedicated to sausages, from the delicately-seasoned Bratwurst to the humbler Frankfurter and mouth-watering Currywurst. Brotzeit, a cluster of German delicacies like ham, cheese and herb spread, can be found at the Sekt Garten. For non-beer drinkers, the festival offers cider, wine and soft drinks. Special drinks such as Underberg (herbal digestive shot), Asbach (German Brandy), Mozart (chocolate liquor), Glühwein (mulled wine) are also on the tasting list.

3. Dress to impress!


No suit or evening gown needed, you can still impress by coming in traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl. Lederhosen, short or knee-length leather breeches, is traditionally made for Bavarian men. Mostly considered as leisurewear nowadays, it is a perfect costume for Bierfest. Dirndl, a classical-looking outfit for Bavarian women, consists of a bodice, blouse, full dress and an apron. It is believed that the apron knot implies the woman’s marital status. Make sure you send out the right signal!

4. The early bird gets… the best seat


The party tent is limited to 1200 people and Saturday tickets are selling quickly, so if you want to attend the fabulous party, remember to book tickets early. Tickets are also available at door if the event is not sold out beforehand. Don’t forget to turn up early to guarantee entry!

5. Cash up


Even though you can pay by card at the events, it is advisory to bring cash in hand. It will save you unnecessary hassle and spare you more time to enjoy the wunderbar atmosphere.

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