Having bought a bunch of bananas in Tesco, Maria Layton discovered they were infested with rare spiders.

Not only was she scared stiff, but she later found the spider had the potential to have a similar effect on her husband.

The bananas contained the eggs of the Brazilian Wandering Spider, whose bite will either kill a man or give him an erection for four-hours – a sort of Russian Roulette meets ‘Would You Rather?’

When her daughter asked her for a banana, Ms Layton found a spider cocoon on the bunch which started to unfurl. She put it in a sealed box and put it in the freezer as she’d read that that is supposed to kill them.

Tesco said she should bring the bananas, deadly spiders and all, back to the store so that the bar code could be scanned and her money refunded.

Ms Layton said: “Tesco were a bit useless, I was really concerned about the possibility of this dangerous spider and spider eggs in my house and really wanted some helpful advice on how to act.”

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