A young lad from Skive, Denmark has gone viral by building a replica Titanic from a whopping 30,000 lego bricks.

The un-named boy, who appeared on Jukin Media, has racked up over one million YouTube views in just a few months.

Jukin Media who released the video are based in Los Angeles but offices in New York, London and San Sebastian, Spain.

However, less than a year after it first appeared the video is now being shared throughout social network sites across Northern Ireland.

RMS Titanic fanatics across the country have even been asking whether the huge model which is over three metres long is for sale or if the boy is available to build similar models on commission.

Among the comments about the build Cass Hamada said: “Oh my god this is amazing!!!! Nice work! XD”.

While Gra Piken said they were “stunned” by the model and added: “To say I’m impressed is an understatement. This guy is a genius!”

Other comments included Jamie Alonzo who was so impressed he thought Lego should buy it to display in the Lego Store in Disney World.

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