Belfast has some national treasures. The Europa Hotel… The Titanic Quarter… The SSE Arena… Boojum… yes, a long list of things we can be proud of. And I think it’s time ‘Belfast Blowies’ joined the list.

A website of pure inspiration and something Belfast, and indeed the world, was lacking. We are blessed with so many great restaurants and bars and you can read a review on most of them online about the food and service. However these reviews missed out an important factor in the wining/dining experience… what was the hand-dryer like in the toilets?


Belfast Blowies gives you the vital information you need before selecting which restaurant to pick. They also have an Instagram and Twitter page, and you can get involved by using the hashtag #BelfastBlowies.

The site and concept were designed by Chris Rodgers with the logo courtesy of Peter Laverty and the website has a following of people who upload their personal hand-drying experiences.

To get involved there are 4 steps

  1. Take a picture of your blowie on Instagram
  2. Tag the location of your blowie
  3. Hashtag your blowie #belfastblowies
  4. Give your blowie a rating from 1-10 and leave a short comment.

Here are a handful of reviews of popular restaurants and bars in Belfast…

Stormont Hotel

Lavery’s Bar

Blowies Lavery's


Blowies Hudson

Black Box

Blowies Black Box

Not only does Belfast Blowies help us decide which facilities to use but it also helps promote local restaurants. And some restaurants now know that if their hand-dryer game isn’t on point they could get a backlash on social media.

As we can see OX Belfast, is a top spot for food and hand-drying.

This is one blowie that does not suck… but blows magnificently well.






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