As Wee Toast Tours have just launched their second 15-person bike in Belfast, we thought it was about time to recap their success story.

Here’s all the essential information you need to know about the unique ‘Bring Your Own’ bike tour that’s taking Belfast by storm…

Wee Toast 5

Who would have thought cycling could be this much fun?!

How It Works

Each bike seats a minimum of eight people and a maximum of 15 people and even though you’re not all facing the same direction, your collective pedal-power will propel the bike along the streets of Belfast. You’ll have your very own driver and barista to serve you as you travel in style and experience Belfast in a completely unique way.

Not everyone taking the tour has to pedal so you’re quite literally going to have people on board who aren’t pulling their weight. But sure, that’s what friends are for.

Bring Your Own Beverages (And Music Too)

All refreshments are served to you on a BYO basis while Wee Toast provide cups and ice. The oak cask barrel and tap system is also available for your use, upon request.

Be prepared for onlookers to join in the fun, cheering you on as you traverse the streets to the beat of the music. You can even take advantage of the bike’s Bluetooth or plug in your own MP3 player or smartphone to play your own tunes while on tour.

Wee Toast

It’s just like being at the bar (except you have to hold on!)

The People Behind Wee Toast Tours

Wee Toast Tours was started by an international couple, Jennifer and Ron Kenna. Jennifer is from Minnesota and Ron is Belfast born. Together they launched Wee Toast Tours during Culture Night in September 2014.

Jennifer said: “We started our family in the States and then came back to Belfast in 2012. We got the idea for the bike back in Minnesota. I thought it would come to nothing but when we were back in Belfast my husband pushed us to go for it and implement our business plan”.

“These bikes are in around 60 cities in the world, but ours’ are unique to the UK and Ireland.”

Viral Videos

Several videos of people taking the Wee Toast tours have gone viral including NI fans cycling and singing their way around the city ahead of a Euro 2016 qualifier.

Meet New People

You don’t need the full compliment of 15 people to take the tour. You can book for a small number of people and you’ll be hard pressed not to strike up a friendship on the party bike.

Jennifer commented: “We’ve had people who have never met, hit it off on the tour. While you can book out the entire 15 seats sometimes people just like to book in two and threes. It’s a great way to meet new people.”

Though just watch out for this guy…

Wee Toast 4

Wee Toast Tours, so it is!

She Said Yes

There have already been a few marriage proposals made on the Wee Toast bike and Jennifer said she hoped that one day in the not too distant future there could be an actual wedding on board.

Dress Up

Jennifer said that one of the most memorable tours they’ve had featured an entire group dressed as lots of different versions of Elton John down the years. We’ll wager their version of Candle In The Wind was a sight to behold.

They're still standing!

They’re still standing!

Get To Know Your Colleagues

Loads of companies and business teams are hiring the bike for team building events, celebrations and special incentives. Teams are bonded and the pretence tossed out the window when your blazing to wet you whistle on a group-cycling Pub Crawl. Even better now you can take out two bikes and do relays and races!

Book online

You can’t flag down one of the Wee Toast bikes, otherwise there would be a queue round the block. To get on board you need to book in advance online at or call 07591593441.

Tours cost £12 and £15 per hour, depending on the day of the week. Book one and two hour tours. Special arrangements can be made.

For the most up to date information check out their Facebook page at

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