Town Square came bursting onto the vibrant Cafe Culture scene at the end of November, and has already seriously established itself as one of the best spots in Belfast for authentically, expertly prepared coffee.

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Now Town Square has gone one step further in cementing its status as Belfast’s leading spot for coffee, after taking First and Second Place in the Northern Ireland AeroPress Championships.

Despite being open for less than a year, three of Town Square’s talented baristas entered the competition, finishing in first and second place overall.

First place was awarded to Project Manager Nathan Reid, who told us he was determined to showcase the barista talent and knowledge on offer at Town Square:

“I was always going to enter because I wanted to do well and really put Town Square on the map!”

“It was also open for anyone to apply so both Ben and Paul entered too. Ben Hamilton took Second Place – despite only working with coffee for the past six months!”

Town Square

Now in its second year, the return of the Northern Irish AeroPress Championships at the start of June at Black Box in the Cathedral Quarter was a special one.

That’s because the World AeroPress Championships is being held in Dublin later in June, where Nathan has gained a coveted competitive spot representing Northern Ireland thanks to his stand-out performance.

The Championships were open entry to anyone from long-time experienced barristas and coffee enthusiasts alike, with nine heats of four people – with nine eventually put through to the semi-final.

“Everyone was given exactly the same coffee,” Nathan explained to us. “The way you then develop your recipe is entirely up to you.

Ethiopian Kochere and the Onzilla from Brazil

“With the AeroPress, without getting too scientific it’s all about extraction – from how much of that coffee you extract into water, the temperature and even the grinding of the beans – it’s a fine art getting it specifically to your recipe.

“The same coffee can taste so different depending on how you make it! It’s all about creating and honing the recipe in order to create that perfect result!”

Town Square is situated in the bustling area of Botanic, with an ever growing loyal customer base due to its talented barristas, eclectic layout and mouth-watering menu.

The menu is constantly being refreshed and updated, serving all local fresh food, as well as serving up Belfast’s local craft beer, Boundary – as featured in our 10 Of The Best Craft Beers In Northern Ireland.

Friday Night Steak Night at Town Square. Steak, any side order and a glass of wine or a pint for £12

Nathan has also introduced Northern Ireland’s very first Nitro Brew to Northern Ireland – a cold coffee infused with nitrogen! Read more about it in our list of the Most Refreshing Iced Coffees in Belfast!

Check out Town Square online for more information, and make sure you like them on Facebook for new additions to the menu as well as exciting upcoming events and promotions.

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