With Linenfields, Sunflower Fest and Electric Picnic all just around the corner, Festival Season is well and truly upon us.

To get you set for the season, we spoke to Chris Fry, camping expert at Trespass at The Outlet Banbridge.

As a regular camper and festival goer, Chris knows exactly what kit you need and just how to pack it to ensure your festival experience is effortless and enjoyable from start to finish…

Here are Chris’s top tips…

1. Choosing The Perfect Tent

Trepass 3

Campsites can be really cramped and this can be a real shock to the system, even for seasoned campers.

You need to make good use of space so you feel comfortable but also so you don’t end up pushed to the outskirts. Crossing an entire campsite after a long day in a bustling crowd is nobody’s idea of a good time.

I suggest bringing along the Swift 200 Pop Up Tent. It’s compact, lightweight and requires very little set up.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for a convenient option or anyone who is new to camping and might not know how to pitch regular tents. It’s ideal for one plus gear or two minus excess kit.

The smaller size means you won’t need too much room and you can even pitch several of them side on to create a central area for you and your friends.

The Swift 200 has a patterned alternative version, which is handy when you need to find it amidst a sea of other tents.

2. Perfect Packing

stuffy lightweight sleeping bag - Was £59.99 now £29.99

Being a seasoned festival goer, I know from experience that nothing ruins a great weekend of music and camping than being unprepared for the few days ahead.

Make sure you pack light and pack only the essentials – the less weight the better. Everything from the size of the tent, sleeping bag and camping mat etc. can be a factor, so choose wisely.

Radix camping mat - Was £18.99 Now £9.49

Lightweight accessories such as the Trespass Stuffy Sleeping Bag, the Radix Camping Mat and the Sleepyhead Pillow are the ideal tools in a festival backpack.

3. Weatherproof Your Festival Experience


We all know how much of an impact the weather can have on your fun and frolics when doing anything outdoors, never mind enjoying a long weekend at a festival.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad choice of clothing!

Aside from stalking Barra Best’s weather updates, there are other steps you can take to weather proof your weekend.

Be prepared for anything Mother Nature can throw at you with our Trespass QikPAC Jackets and Trousers (as seen on BBC show, Shop Well for Less).


If you start to feel a shower coming on, simply take the QikPAC combo out of its small, perfectly portable bag and voila, crisis averted.

Wellies are an absolute festival must-have – there’s literally nothing worse than wet feet. And it’s always a good idea to bring Dry-Bags for your valuables in your tent, just in case…

4. Keep Cosy After Dark

EMBERS LED LANTERN - Was £12.99 Now £6.49

The festival experience continues far into the night at festivals, so stock up on your microfleeces, as their warmth to weight ratio is excellent.

Handwarmers, trekking blankets and sleeping bag liners will also help you to stay warm.

And to make sure you can also see in the dark, our Guidance 3 LED lantern is another must-have.


Another important part of the festival process is staying well hydrated. Trespass have a wide range of water bottles that will help to make sure you get enough H2O throughout the weekend.

Choose from a great range including our Slurp, Vatura and Bucky water bottles, or opt for our 2 Litre Hydration Drinking Pouch. The Squeezebox Carrier is another essential – it will save quite a lot of walking back and forward to fill up your bottles, which is a lifesaver when you’re stomping your way

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