Mouth-watering food to soak up the calories is on the menu when you feel like death and need a quick fix.

Here’s our top 11 recommended restaurants in Belfast that promise to soak up that alcohol and get you on the road to recovery.

1. Jenz

207 Lisburn Rd

This popular haunt on the bustling Lisburn Road serves up seriously satisfying tasty culinary delights – just what you need after a seriously heavy night out on the sauce.

This Bruce Banner Burger looks particularly able to soak up any remnants of alcohol left in your system from the night before.

It features two locally sourced, 100% Irish beef burgers, delicious battered onion rings, crispy bacon, melted cheddar, jalopeno peppers all with lettuce, tomato and south west sauce. Oh, and you also get a side of skin on rustic fries all for £7.50. So probably cheaper than your taxi home last night.

2. Loteria @Birdcage

92 Stranmillis Rd

One of the greatest brunches we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting, Loteria @Birdcage has had a total menu revamp – and it’s definitely paid off. (But more on that later!)

We recommend the Breakfast Torta if you’re feeling particularly fragile. It features Smoked Bacon or Sausages & Egg cooked as you like on a Toasted Bun w/ Rocket, Garlic Aioli & Pico de Gallo 4.95. Or check out the rest of the delicious options online!

If this doesn’t bring you back to life, you might as well give up now and go home.

3. Vandal

3 Winecellar Entry

Vandal is literally our food and drink dreams come true, just check out these Freak Shakes, Individual Pizzas and ingredient packed Subs – check out our full review here for details!

4. Bootleggers

46 Church Lane

The Big Mac & Cheese burger with its double burger pattys, chilli beef, Mac & cheese, lettuce and tomato, is sure to soak up any pain a lingering hangover may have inflicted!

Failing that, why not opt for the Sgt Pepper Chicken Burger and Beef Shin Tacos washed down with Belfast’s favourite new trend – the Freak Shake?

5. Thyme Deli Church Lane

13 Church Lane

Between the large fry; full soda; hot wraps and burgers if you’re in the city centre, you should give Thyme Deli a try.

Situated in the convenient location of Church Lane, it’s ideal for any workers who have spent the morning suffering in pained silence.

If you need any more inspiration, check out our 12 Reasons To Make Time For Thyme Deli  and follow Thyme on Facebook for their daily specials and info on great lunch deals.

6. Maggie Mays

Malone Road and Botanic Ave

We don’t need to tell you about Maggie May’s famous hangover healing powers.

But we will anyway. Order anything off this delicious menu of comfort food at its finest and you’re sure to feel better.

These frothy tankards of calorific yummyness seriously help take the edge off. Particularly the aptly named Hair of the Dog – with Bailey’s, flake, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.

That’s not to forget the breakfast fry aptly branded the ‘Perfect Hangover Cure.’ Spoiler Alert: it is.

7. Lock Keeper’s Inn

2 Lock Keepers Lane. Miltown Rd

If you can survive the walk, the Lock Keepers Inn is the golden gem of the Lagan Tow Path. (Alternatively you can just drive and park in the nearby entrance).

Brimming with delicious comforting meals, the Steak & Guinness Pie in particular is just the ticket when you’re feeling truly fragile. And who knows? Maybe sitting outside in the fresh air will do you some good.

8. Cafe Fish

539 Lisburn Rd

Cafe Fish boasts massive portions of amazing high-quality food.

Cooked to perfection in rapeseed oil, their chips are that perfect combination of fluffy meets crunchy. Check out the lunch deals, for £4.95 you can get a gorgeous portion of fish & chips, or for just £3.95 grab their delicious sausage (battered or plain) or famous pastie meal all with chips, side & drink.

For those of you who’d like to make a meal of it, you can now even dine in at their sit-in restaurant just across the road.

9. Jack’s Honest Food

221 Kingsway 

Jacks Honest Food has revolutionised take away food! Offering quality, bistro style cuisine to enjoy at home, all at affordable prices.

As featured in our New and Rising Businesses In Belfast, this Dunmurry takeaway was recently brought to our attention and it didn’t disappoint. As well as an amazing burgers selection, they offer top class bistro food including Thai curry, pasta and homemade desserts.

It’s mandatory that you purchase Dirty Fries with every order. To put your mind at ease the Dirty Fries are Cajun fries with tobacco onions, cheese, bacon bites and Tex Mex slaw.

10. Acapulco

257 Upper Newtownards Rd & The Ashby Building Stranmillis (lunch-times)


Hotly tipped for serving the top rated Burritos in Belfast, you can enjoy an amazing giant flour tortilla filled with tomatoes, cheese and beans with your choice of delicious filling and served with rice.

Take your pick from mouth-watering fillings including: Chipotle Chicken; Shredded Annatto Pork; Seasoned fajita steak; Pulled Beef Brisket; or Vegetarian Chilli.

Check out our list of the Top 6 Places In Belfast if you’re in a burrito mood!

 11. Goodfellas

11 Kennedy Way

With its mouth-watering breaded mushrooms; cheesy pizza with amazing toppings; and its famous diced garlic potatoes, Goodfellas is sure to bring even the world’s most hungover and ashamed back to life.

It does seriously tasty desserts too – and is also BYOB – ideal for anyone hoping to delay that sore head for another day.

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