Succulent sausages, crunchy hash browns, chopped mushrooms, runny eggs and sizzling bacon all soaked up with some fried potato bread – there’s nothing like a fry first thing in the morning.

Chuck in some extra rounds of warm buttery toast to dip in our egg yoke, alongside some yummy beans plus white and black pudding cooked to perfection.

So here’s our list of the top 10 places to grab a great slap-up fry with all the works in Belfast. Because sometimes, after a long week, you just need that weekend fry.

1. Maggie May’s

Malone Road & Botanic Avenue – Website

Maggie Mays fries

Somewhere that actually bills their breakfast fry as the ‘Perfect Hangover Cure’ was always going to feature on our list. Even better, with its two particularly convenient locations this popular student haunt is ideal walking distance for those of us feeling slightly under the weather (and unable to drive).

Not only does it offer a Full Fry for a fiver (and a pretty good Veggie equivalent), but it serves up the magnificent Bumper Fry for just £1.10 more – consisting of two eggs, two bacon, two sausages, potato bread, soda bread, hash brown, mushrooms, beans, tomato and chips! And it’s served all day.

2. Hadski’s

33 Donegall Street – Website


The Full Hadsi’s breakfast is a whopping £10.50 – but afterwards you’ll not want to eat anything else all day. The mouth-watering sausages are some of the best on offer in Belfast.

They come with black and white pudding as well as thick bacon, tomato, mushroom and choice of eggs. The toasted wheaten adds to the monster brunch dish that’ll certainly keep you fuelled for the day.

3. Cafe Conor

11a Stranmills Road – Website

cafe conor

Cafe Conor is a delightfully quaint cafe steeped with history and possesses a great chilled out atmosphere and excellent staff. Also in an ideal location, just seconds away from the beautiful Botanic Gardens, come here for a fry with a difference.

Get the ‘Big Breakfast,’ which for £8 includes soda, potato bread, two bacon, two sausages, a free range egg, black pudding, tomato, mushroom and beans.

Or get the ‘Wee Breakfast’ which is more than plenty – with half a soda, bacon, sausage, free range egg and tomato for a fiver.

4. Thyme Deli

13 Church Lane – Website

Thyme Deli

A large fry features a Butcher style pork sausage, bacon, tomato, potato bread, soda bread, black pudding, mushrooms & hash brown – all for just £5.25.

More delicious options include the more streamlined but still gorgeous tasting Small fry; as well as the Full Soda and Pancakes with Bacon & Maple Syrup – just to name a few!

5. Bright’s Restaurant

23-25 High Street – Website


Bright’s has gained distinction for its food from its traditional Irish Cod and Homemade Chips but it is its extensive breakfast menu that will really energise the early birds and set them up for a day’s exploration of the city.

This one is superb for a slap-up fry and the busy restaurant is extremely popular amongst both young and old alike.

6. The National

62-68 High Street – Website

The National

With their delicious breakfast menu served from 7.30 – 11.30 am, you would be mad to leave this one off the list. Choose from the ‘From the Kitchen’ section for the most amazing cooked breakfasts, ranging from the ‘The National Breakfast,’ which includes tomato, portobello mushroom, egg with soda bread soldiers – or check out this amazing dish above.

Alternatively, you can take a fresher approach to your more typical Ulster Fry with streaky and dry cured bacon with choice of eggs and toasted sourdough bread.

7. Slim’s Healthy Kitchen

Locations throughout NI – Website

Alternative fry

Slim’s, which has become something of a cult classic since its opening in Belfast, truly offers some of the best breakfast options available, including the ‘Healthy Breakfast’ – still a gorgeous fry just minus the calories. Toasted gluten free soda farl, gluten free beef sausage, grilled bacon, tomato, mushroom and poached egg.

Or get the excellent twist on the ‘traditional’ fry – the ‘Loaded Bacon Wrap’ – giving you three full eggs, grilled bacon, peppers, onion and chilli in a tortilla wrap for change of just £6.

We seriously suggest the amazing ‘Alternative Fry‘ which is pictured above.

8. Harlem Cafe

34 Bedford Street – Website

Harlem Cafe

Harlem Cafe is always packed – and with good reason. Their all day fry features locally produced pork sausage, oak smoked bacon, free range egg, grilled tomato, sauté mushrooms, potato bread, soda bread, pancake and black pudding.

It also boasts one of the most delicious vegetarian alternatives available in Belfast and has the most intimate, delightful atmosphere and outside seating for when the sun is shining.

9. Cassidy’s

347-349 Antrim Road – Website


Dubbed ‘the best fry-up you will ever taste’ -before you even order you will be presented with a basket full of wonderful breads – wheaten scones, fruit scones, wheaten bread, white toast and brown toast, accompanied by a selection of jams and marmalade. But don’t fill up – you have the most delicious, revitalising fry coming your way – all for an extremely reasonable price with a large pot of tea or coffee.

Locals and visitors to Belfast alike rave about Cassidy’s to such an extent, you should make sure to go along and check out if it deserves its legendary status for yourself – and for those of you after some ‘hair of the dog’ they reportedly pour a great pint of Guinness too.

10. Springsteen’s Diner

Belfast Lisburn Road & Carrickfergus – Website


Served until 5 pm daily, choose from the Mini Fry or Super Fry. Or why not indulge yourself and go the whole haul with the decadent Breakfast Brunch – which is the Super Fry (two bacon, egg, sausage, potato and soda bread, hash-browns, mushrooms and beans) plus chips.

As well as the even bigger (if that’s possible!) Monster Fry (basically two of everything) the packed out Topped Soda offers you three toppings of your choosing.

Also. for those wanting to treat themselves but wanting a fry-alternative, the likes of the Pancake Stack are also legendary – and come with bacon and maple syrup in keeping with this American themed diner.

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