Food and coffee addicts alike will be pleased to hear that Tony & Jen’s – the healthy yet seriously tasty eatery on the Lisburn Road – is about to pull an all-nighter.

From 6.45am on Wednesday morning, the amazing team will open their doors to the public. They’ll work all the way through Wednesday day, night and the early hours of Thursday morning – right up until 9.05am!

Jenny Curran and Tony O'Neill, owners of Tony&Jen's on the Lisburn Road promote their 26.2 hour shift raising awareness for Marie-Curie on 17th August 2016. Picture: Elaine Hill

Jenny Curran and Tony O’Neill, owners of Tony&Jen’s on the Lisburn Road promote their 26.2 hour shift raising awareness for Marie-Curie on 17 August. Picture: Elaine Hill

That’s a whopping 26.2 hours of work in a bid to raise money for Marie Curie.

Jenny Curran, alongside partner Tony O’Neill and their team, will be pulling the mega marathon shift from their kitchen, with delicious pancakes, potato bread, stew, brownies, freak shakes, waffles, donuts and caffeine all up for grabs – with all proceeds going to the worthy charity.

Sriracha slathered waffles with extra chilli & a wee Chilli Orange Hot Cacao

Ideal for Taxi Drivers, Shift Workers, Bar Staff, Doctors, Nurses, Insomniacs, Firefighters, and Night Owls who want a delicious feed before they hit the hay.

It’s all to raise money for Manager Jane Sally’s upcoming 26.2 mile marathon. Jenny explained:

“We will be raising money for Marie Curie, Jane’s charity of choice but also one really close to our hearts. Tony & I have always supported Marie Curie, its such a hands on charity and you really see where every penny of your money is going. The staff are legends!

Peanut Butter and Jam filling just like our PB&J smoothie

“Everyone is invited. We have received support from Stephen Ferris, Colin Murray, Luke Marshall, Paddy Barnes and a host of other Northern Irish lovelies and PB Girl, wellness blogger Tiffany Brien will be down for a few hours helping us roll Peanut butter balls, one of our most popular treats.

DIY fry

“Jane will be slinging coffee shots all night for the guests we hope to get (as well as us!) and I will be cooking pancakes, midnight fry’s and potato bread! We are serving healthy food, healthy buns & coffee right through the night! If anyone so much as wakes up to pee at 3a.m we’re hoping they’ll scoot down and grab a brownie and a hot coco!”

Saucy Spuds and eggs with homemade brown sauce and softened cherry tomatoes

“The aim is to raise as much money as we can for Marie Curie, all profits are going to the cause. We feel our ethos goes hand in hand with this charity. We want to make Belfast the healthiest city in the world by serving up food you love made healthy.”

Tony & Jen’s is based at 727 Lisburn Road, Belfast – right beside Kiwi Fit Car Garage.

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