We have confirmed our serious love for pasta dishes, as new research places Spaghetti Bolognese as our favourite dish.

Hitting top spot with an impressive 25.72%.

Despite an ongoing fondness for traditional UK favourites such as fish and chips and a roast dinner, nine out of ten families love a good pasta based dish. And who can blame them?

To celebrate World Pasta Day today,  we wanted to know what our top ten dishes were across the UK – with lasagne, carbonara and meatballs with tagliatelle all amongst the favourite pasta based meals.


Researchers found popular Italian dishes are now making their way to UK dinner tables on a nightly basis.

Households up and down the country will include classic Italian meals and those derived from staple pasta dishes, such as macaroni cheese, chicken and bacon penne, and pesto pasta as part of their weekly repertoire of meals.

While ravioli and cannelloni are also popular tea time favourites.

Indeed seven in ten claim these Italian inspired crowd-pleasers are the only dishes enjoyed by every single member of the family.


A spokeswoman for Citalia, which carried out the poll of 2,000 adults in conjunction with World Pasta Day said: “Italian inspired food is a firm favourite with families in particular, as it is generally easy to make, cost effective to cook and can be packed with fresh ingredients.”

“Many chefs champion Italian dishes because they are packed with nutrition, are generally enjoyed by everyone and are easy to cook in bulk; they’re great for busy households.”

“As such, pasta is now more popular than ever with many household cooks putting a unique spin on Italian classics and opting to serve up spaghetti bolognese (known more traditionally in Italy as ragù (alla) Bolognese, above the classic meat and two veg.”

Just over half of respondents like Italian food because it’s easy to prepare, while 35% enjoy cooking with fresh produce such as olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, dark leafy greens and whole grains.


Seven in ten adults deserve particular praise from us (if true), as they claim to cook most of their meal from scratch – rustling up a lasagne or carbonara from the bare ingredients.

And with half of us shunning any type of meal which takes longer than half an hour to make, this is a big thumbs up for Italian pasta based cuisine as people find it simple and quick to put together.

However, despite 68% of adults believing they are fairly knowledgeable about food, we stand accused of sticking to food groups they know and love when cooking for the family.


Despite there being over 350 different types of pasta to choose from, we are more likely to serve up penne or spaghetti than anything more exotic.

Regardless of our self-confessed love of pasta, we are apparently ‘baffled by some of the more recognisable shapes.’

A third of adults couldn’t identify penne, confusing it with fusilli and macaroni.

While one in six found it impossible to name spaghetti, selecting linguine and vermicelli instead.


Tagliatelle left Brits puzzled with only 63% able to identify the classic long thin ribbons, and only a third of those polled recognised the distinctive Cannelloni tubes.

The spokeswoman for Citalia continued: “It is amusing to note that while as a nation we love everything Italian, we don’t know our penne from our paccheri, or our tagliatelle from our fettucine.”

Well if it’s a crime to be all about the taste, lock us up.

Top 10 Favourite Pasta Dishes:


Spaghetti Bolognese
Macaroni Cheese
Chicken and Bacon Pasta
Pesto Pasta
Meatballs and Tagliatelle
Pasta with Feta and Sun Dried Tomatoes

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