Leading coconut water brand Vita Coco has recently launched a summer campaign highlighting the many reasons to ‘Just Get Thirsty’ this summer.

Focusing on its brand ethos, ‘Just Get Thirsty’ encourages people to turn to a natural hydrator after hitting the gym, post-run, or after doing whatever they enjoy that makes them thirsty and most importantly – is reminding consumers to have fun whilst they work up a sweat this summer.

Take A Sip Win A Trip


As part of the UK and Ireland-wide ‘Just Get Thirsty’ campaign, Vita Coco will also invite brand fans to ‘Take a Sip Win a Trip to Brazil.’ Up to September 18, consumers purchasing cartons of the coconut water branded with the campaign’s on-pack promotion will get a chance to win a trip to Brazil, the birthplace of Vita Coco, as well as a range of other prizes.

Packed with potassium and electrolytes, Vita Coco is a superb natural hydrator and a fantastic health-conscious alternative for sport drinks this summer.

“Summer is the perfect time for stepping outdoors and working up a sweat,” said Gillian Killiner, Registered Dietician, 121 Dietician.



“Northern Ireland is a nation of sun-lovers, and when the warm weather hits, most of us will seek out ways to get active in the sunshine. It’s important to put the goodness back into your body as soon as possible post-activity. Sweating causes your body to lose electrolytes including potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium, and drinking coconut water can help to restore these nutrients without the added sugars and artificial colourings of many sport drinks.”

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A pioneer of non-traditional sports in Northern Ireland, Parkour instructor Paul Allen, Jump NI, remarked on the importance of hydration in his workout regime:

“Parkour involves a full-body workout of running, climbing, rolling, and jumping which challenges every muscle in the body to adapt quickly to overcome obstacles. This full-on workout is great for building and toning muscle, but it’s important to restore lost nutrients post-session. An all-natural, electrolyte-packed drink like Vita Coco’s coconut water is a great option due to its convenient resealable carton and its high level of potassium which is great for avoiding muscle cramping.”


Northern Ireland yoga detox guru Kim Constable swears by the restorative powers of coconut water post-practice. “For years I have used Vita Coco to replace lost electrolytes after my yoga practice. Yoga rinses, cleanses and stimulates the entire body, helping it to eliminate unwanted toxins and flush fresh, oxygenated blood through the tissues.

“After my practice, Vita Coco helps to flush through my digestive system, alkalizing the body and flooding it with electrolytes and potassium, magnesium and calcium. The benefits of drinking pure, natural coconut water like Vita Coco far surpass those of sports drinks, which are loaded with chemicals, sugar and artificial ingredients.”

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Specially-tagged ‘Just Get Thirsty’ packs are now available in-stores across Northern Ireland.

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