Words by Geoff Gates

1. No Self Belief


This is the number one thing I find holds most women back from hitting their goals. If you don’t actually believe you can lose weight and be happy you don’t really stand a chance.

You have to believe that you will make the necessary changes and apply the effort that is required into achieving your goals and to persist in the face of any challenges.

2. Diets Diets Diets


Starving yourself is never the answer to weight loss, or more importantly fat loss. Your body will simply hold onto the fat the more you attempt to starve it.

In truth diets don’t work. When you hear that someone lost X amount of weight following a new diet it wasn’t the diet it was the person. Something made them want to change enough to put the effort in and be consistent.

3. Weights Will Make Me Bulky


Resistance work or weights will not make you bulky. Resistance training is your tool for increasing your metabolism.

Lena muscle is an active tissue which means it needs calories to sustain it. Essentially what you will be doing is attacking stubborn fat from the inside out rather than trying to attack it with lots of restrictive dieting and cardio.

When you say you want to be toned what you’re really saying is you want more muscle – less fat.

4. You Focus On The Negatives


You focus on being another size up, you compare yourself to others, you focus on that cream bun you had or that chocolate bar.

Women tend to think negatively about their goals so if you focus on the fact you had a couple of bad meals it creates a depression. If you have 5 small meals per day 7 days per week that’s 35 meals, if 2 or 3 of them are bad choices so what, focus on the other 32 good meals you had!

5. You “treat” too much


This might be the obvious one but the truth is people don’t realise how many calories they consume.

You might go out at the weekend and take in 10,000 calories, that’s maybe 5 days extra calories. When you drink alcohol not only is it full of empty calories, you can’t burn fat for up to 72 hours.

This is because your liver is working to clear the alcohol and fat burning duties are put on hold, so even if your diet is clean for the next couple of days (which if you’re anything like me it won’t be!) then it’s going to have a big effect on your fat loss.


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