As Halloween (or Swalloween) approaches, half-dressed ‘zombies,’ our favourite Game of Thrones characters and stars of ‘Back to the Future’ have already been spotted staggering through the back streets of Belfast – quite possibly making up the most obscure group of party people we have ever seen in our lives. Which we genuinely wish would come true in real life.

For those of you panicking that you have not yet purchased your best ‘Netflix and Chill’ / Minion / James Bond costume yet – fear not.


We know that at this stage online purchasing is extremely risky (unless you’re willing to pay over the odds for First Class delivery and enjoy the thrill of living on the edge…)

With this in mind, we’ve created a countdown of the top shops in Belfast for the creepiest / funniest / sexiest Halloween costumes. Whatever lead you may be taking. We’ve got it all covered.


Just get down early – queues have been known to be packed out the door (and around the corner)…

1. Elliotts Fancy Dress

110 Ann St


Century-old store selling and renting fancy dress costumes, masks and accessories, plus fireworks. Now available online, or with just days to go until your blow out for Halloween, why not play it safe and go instore to try on that teeny tiny Batgirl (deluxe) costume.

Fab customer service and good craic with your mates (which makes trying to wriggle into a Supergirl Outfit a laugh as opposed to depressing – which we assume it might quickly become if you were on your own)…

2. Fresh Garbage

24 Rosemary St


Open 40 years in the city, ‘The Garbage Shop’ as it is known locally to many, is one of Belfast’s most well-known & unique independent retailers – and Belfast’s original alternative store.

It is particularly powerful at Halloween, just check the displays instore for proof. With Zombie make-up kits, coloured hair spray, unnervingly sinister masks (as well as exquisite masquerade ones) you’re sure to get a costume unlike anyone else’s if you shop in this unique store.

3. Party Solutions

223 Antrim Rd & 111 Andersonstown Road


We’re kinda in awe of how genuinely sinisterly creepy these Halloween costumes are – perfect for channeling this year’s huge trend – the zombie…

This is a fantastic place to grab your Halloween costume this year – with the queues never quite as crazy as you might get elsewhere. Plus you can place your order before picking it up instore.

4. McPeakes

111 Falls Rd


A recent development, McPeake’s venture into fancy dress and party accessories is going from strength to strength. Not only is the children’s section adorable, but we love the adult costumes available, too. They feature that ideal balance of scary meets funny meets sexy – featuring something perfect for everyone then.

5. Poundland

Locations throughout Belfast


Poundland do seriously outstanding Halloween costumes and decorations – so good we are always absolutely gobsmacked at how they do it. But for one measley quid a pop, we aint complaining.

This is your chance to have a bit of fun and get creative. You can simply wear your own outfit and go for the shock factor with this amazing severed hand (which is creepily real…) or go all out and stock pile with all of the amazing masks and accessories.

This is always our go-to shop if you’re only going to hit one for all of your Halloween needs… the off-licence doesn’t count, obviously. You can get your food, costume and decorations in one go. Plus, if you’re unsure what to go as this year, for these prices just grab a dolly mixture and have a laugh getting ready with your mates. (The accompanied drinking should help inspire you).

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