Shakespeare’s Scottish play has received a powerful and visually arresting cinematic adaptation as Michael Fassbender steps into the shoes of one of theatre’s most conflicted characters.

Aided by the fiercely ambitious Lady Macbeth (Marion Cotillard), the pair concoct a plan, fulfilling a witches prophecy to overthrow King Duncan and take the throne of war-torn Scotland for themselves.

Featuring red-hued smoky battle scenes and an excellent Fassbender descending into madness as the eponymous anti-hero, this savagely realised, blood-soaked interpretation retains Shakespeare’s words in its story of power, ambition and guilt.

If you think Game Of Thrones meets The Tudors meets high action drama… well you’re half-way there.

This is a tale of lust, love and a desire for power – and the struggle once you get it. Add this to the deliriously amazing acting and genuine chemistry, this a sizzling must-see.

Screening at QFT from Fri 2 Oct – Thurs 15 Oct, we are kind of loving that this will put us in the mood for Halloween too. Be warned though. just as Macbeth’s steady collapse into madness is reflected in the chaotic writing of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, you will be feeling seriously disorientated towards the end of this film. You might even start questioning your own sanity… (Or maybe that was just us).

Check out the amazing trailer below.


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