It’s a problem we can all identify with.

You finish your dinner at a lovely restaurant, and politely decline the dessert menu (the pizza is lovely, but their sorry excuse of three small scoops of ice-cream from a tub labelled ‘dessert’ is not).

So we decide “let’s go somewhere nice for dessert.” Cue the inevitable wandering around aimlessly, finding nowhere, and the relentless ‘I don’t mind – where would you like to go?’ saga that always seems to plague even the best of us.

Well, hopefully this list of places to go for dessert in Belfast will help – including sit in and takeaways.

Whether you’re after melt in the mouth chocolate molten cake – complete with runny sauce and ice-cream, a delightfully calorific cake loaded with jam, icing and Cadbury’s, or a frothy iced cupcake, check out our list of the most deliciously decadent dessert spots in Belfast.

1. Co Couture

7 Chichester St

co couture

Every chocoholic’s dream, Co Couture specialises in luxurious chocolates, which are made in small batches, using only the finest raw ingredients to ensure the ultimate taste sensation.

Just check out this Salted Caramel Chocolate Fondant dessert! We can’t cope…

2. Treat Boutique

13 Wellington Pl

marshmallow cake


Fresh, home-made, delectable desserts – with a fresh array of hot teas & decadent hot chocolates to help wash it down. As you can see, cup-cakes, buns and melt-in-your mouth exquisite cakes are their forte.

Check out their facebook page to see some even more amazing pics of wedding cakes & cupcakes, catering for events, and mouth-watering brownies and buns made fresh every day. (Be warned though, this will make you very hungry…)

Just check out this Rocky Road Cake, which once cut…has a huge marshmallow fluff eruption in the centre.

3. Avoca

41 Arthur St


Whether you’re sitting in at the cafe on Arthur St, or picking up a delicious, decadent cake or buns from the shop to take away for a special occasion, Avoca is home to some seriously delicious desserts.

4. Spoon Street

261 Upper Newtownards St & Ann St

spoon st

Bring a little bit of the US into your life with the trend-setter of the recent froyo explosion – Spoon Street.

Pour your own delicious froyo with a selection of different flavours and toppings, including such tasty delights as peanut butter, mixed berries, coconut and white chocolate – to name but a few.

The product is also extremely high quality. It’s made in-house with fresh local produce and with all natural ingredients. It’s just coincidence that the new store on Ann St is conveniently right beside the Little Wing pizza restaurant. Dinner and dessert done and dusted.

5. Raw

336 Lisburn Rd

raw use

This chocolate, strawberry & lemon layered cake says it all. Raw Food Rebellion has proved an instant hit since its recent opening on the bustling Lisburn Rd, serving up freshly made, cooked in-house food with healthy, raw ingredients. It has quickly become particularly well-known for its guilt free desserts (well, less guilty anyway).

6. Miel et Moi

701 Lisburn Rd

miel et moi cake

Northern Ireland’s first Licensed Patisserie And Café Bar, inspired by classical French bars and patisseries. Miel et Moi’s freshly baked delights are baked in-house every day. Beat the winter blues by having a comforting slice of cake and frothy hot chocolate – its the ultimate treat if you’re after a naughty sugary sin.

7. Maud’s

555 Lisburn Rd

ferrero rocher cheesecake mauds

Just check out this amazing Ferrero Rocher Cheese Cake – it truly is unashamed dessert heaven. Naturally you’ve got to have some of the famous ice-cream as well – it goes perfectly with cake (especially the heated up chocolate fudge cake…)

8. Doughzy Donuts

donuts use

Doughzy Donuts bring you fresh, yeast-raised, light and fluffy, delicious donuts (actually more ‘doughnuts’). From their beautifully glazed standard donut to a selection of fruit, chocolate and caramel flavours.

You can order your Doughzy Dozen online for delivery to your home or office or drop into one of the stockists (and hope they have one left!)

9. The Old Oven Door

90A Castle St


A massive array of baked delights is available at this city-centre hidden gem. Reasonable prices allow you to stock up (particularly helpful if you’re anticipating a cosy ‘fat-day’ in with Netflix)!

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