East Belfast teenager Mason Robinson is scouring the city for its best investors, programmers and entrepreneurs to help him develop his award-winning business idea into reality.

Mason wants interested parties to join him in a co-operative to help launch I-Save – software that automatically backs up USB files.

He said: “It will allow people from Belfast to invest and own a part of my business as well as programmers and entrepreneurs giving me advice in what I should do next.

“I do not know how much cash I need although every penny counts. I am hoping to start up the Kickstarter again over the summer, just as it has been hectic with school work.

“There is no words to describe what it means to me to run a business. I would am determined to create a successful business. Once successful I would like to help others who are in need.”

A 16-year-old student’s invention means that you’ll never have to panic about losing USB sticks again.

Mason, who attends Ashfield Boys’ High School, has created unique software which auto syncs your files from your USB stick to cloud storage.

Mason explained the thinking behind his invention: “USB sticks are probably the most unreliable source when it comes to backing up or saving files to. The reason why? Well, they either corrupt but we mostly lose them, and it’s definitely not a good feeling when you’ve lost your whole years work with no back up. This has happened to me countless times.”

Mason added: “I realised that I wasn’t the only one who faced this. Probably in fact millions of people are faced with the problem. I knew that I had to do something about this, so I came up with the idea “I-Save”.

Mason and team

Daniel Pettinger, co-founder of I-Save, Susan Morrice, who owns Belize Natural Energy, and Mason Robinson, the owner of I-Save

He continued: “This idea won me an eight week internship at Northern Ireland Science Park along with a £2,000 prize. This may sound bad, although I love hearing when people lose their USB and moaning about losing all their work, I just think to myself ‘I-Save’.”

You can find out more about Mason’s I-Save invention here

If you’d like to help Mason launch his product you can contact him on masonrobinson427@gmail.com


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