Fans of Tayto crisp – prepare to have your minds blown…

The legends working at the famous Tayto factory have only gone and made our dreams complete – by creating a staggering THREE new flavours.

And fans of Northern Ireland’s famous culinary delights should be particularly excited – because there’s going to be an actual Ulster Fry flavour. (Yes, really)!

The famous crisp-makers have also designed two further new flavours, including Curry, and Vegetable Roll.

The Tayto Factory

The three flavours were chosen as part of the Tayto ‘Taste of Home’ competition.

According to Mr Tayto’s official Facebook page, we can be expecting the new flavours as soon as next week.

Just how widely available the crisps will be – or for how long – isn’t clear at this point.

But one thing’s for sure – our summer diet is definitely going to come to our grinding halt!

Mr Tayto is a genius!

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