In a bizarre turn of events popular Belfast public house Lavery’s has become a mecca for fans of Netflix hit Making A Murderer.

Strong winds in Bradbury Place blew the ‘L’ off the Lavery’s sign and within seconds fans of the show had descended to hold a candlelit vigil for the man they believe to be wrongly incarcerated – Steven Avery.

Some actually believed the Avery family had taken up residence there in a bid to escape the media spotlight in their home county of Manitowoc.

As the rumours circulate around the globe of the world’s first Avery-based drinks emporium, crowds in Shaftesbury’s Square are expected to reach epic proportions (like the night Northern Ireland qualified for the Euros, but with less flags and singing).

It’s expected bouncers at Lavery’s / Avery’s will be operating a strict door policy whereby everyone who looks like Steven Avery will be searched extensively while everyone else is allowed in without so much as a DNA swab.

Special cocktails have been commissioned for Making A Murderer addicts including a Subpeona Colada, a Sweaty Ken Kratz and a Flaming Burn Pit.

In an unexpected twist, the paparazzi did not flood the scene to capture the breaking events. For some reason freelance photographers were rather reluctant to cover the story.

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