Over 2,500 families will be sitting down to Christmas dinner this year, thanks to the generosity of Mrs Brown’s Boys creator and star Brendan O’Carroll.

The 60-year-old actor and comedian has donated thousands of vouchers for turkey and ham to charity the Society of St Vincent de Paul. Who will distribute food to impoverished families who would otherwise do without.

The President of the SVP East Region, Liam Casey, told the Irish Examiner: “The continuous generosity of Brendan is unbelievable. It is an imaginative yet practical way to help many families in need.”
Mrs Browns Boys
“Our volunteers know that the families who benefit from his generosity not only appreciate his action but take extra pleasure in knowing that it comes with the compliments of Mrs Brown, an iconic and internationally famous Dublin mother.”

The creator of the hugely successful hit show has been closely affiliated with SVP for years having benefited from the charity himself as a child. His widowed mother and 12 children received help from SVP in the fifties.

He has spoken about his upbringing in several moving interviews in the past, speaking particularly admiringly of his hard working mother.

Mrs Brown's Boys star

Now estimated to be worth £10million, Brendan was named ‘National Philanthropist of the Year’ by SVP earlier this year.

A Mrs Brown’s Boys special called Mammy’s Christmas Punch will air on Christmas Day followed by Mammy’s Widow’s Memories on New Year’s Day

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