First it was angry bees, then it was sex-crazed spiders, now it’s billions of daddy long legs.

If you been on Facebook or Twitter this week you can’t have failed to notice the multiple posts about angry German bees, giant spiders and now everyone’s favourite irrationally feared insect – daddy long legs – invading Northern Ireland.

If you look closely most of the reports are exactly the same with only the name of the UK region these tiny terrors are set to take over which has been changed to localise fears.

Given the scale of the invasion, we’re surprised some of the usual media suspects haven’t called for tighter border controls.

We’re fully expecting a story in the next few weeks about a hard-working UK citizen who has lost his job to a wasp.

Ironically the best way to tackle this invasion is with a rolled-up newspaper, except that soon newspapers won’t exist… because you can read all their best stories (about bees, spiders, daddy long legs and wasps) online for free.

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