Quirky food combos definitely produce some of the greatest results.

Whoever invented the deep-fried Mars Bar deserves a medal. But Belfast has created some sterling food creations of its own – as well as adding its own dynamic, quirky new twists.

Check out some of the quirkiest food combinations to enjoy in Belfast! Can you add to the list?

1. Big Mac & Cheese Burger


46 Church Lane – Website

Big Mac & Cheese Burger

Do you reckon you could finish off this impressive Big Mac & Cheese burger?

Featuring Chilli beef, mac & cheese, bacon bits, crack sauce, onion rings, lettuce, tomato & two burger patties – we’re sure you could definitely give it a good try!

2. Peach Pizza

Opera Pizzeria

33 Dublin Road – Website


You may or may not be a fan of Pineapple on your pizza – but have you tried the Peach pizza at Opera?

Sainsbury’s may have taken a leaf out of Opera’s book this summer by ‘introducing’ the Peach Pizza in an attempt to create a dynamic new ‘twist’ on their traditional ham & pineapple recipe. But as this local pizzeria was quick to point out – Opera have been cooking this pizza to order for a whopping five years…

Check out the two unique options available, one is Peach and Ham, whilst the veggie alternative is Peach and Gorgonzola! It has to be tried to be believed.

3. Beet Latte

Tony & Jen’s

727 Lisburn Road – Website


Introducing the Beet Latte!! Intrigued? So were we!

We chatted to Tony & Jen, who told us: “The beet latte is a base of freshly squeezed beet juice, cinnamon, mixed spice, ginger and vanilla with milk of choice. We went for unsweetened coconut milk!”

4. Nitro Brew

Town Square

45 Botanic Avenue – Website

Nitro Brew is the brainchild of Project Manager Nathan Reid, who told us: “Starting with the Cold Brew, we make a fresh batch of coffee which chills in the fridge for 24 hours.

“Cold coffee takes longer to create because it’s all about extraction. Without getting too scientific, it takes longer to bring out the delicious flavours when it’s cold, so we draw the flavours out over a longer, more prolonged period of time.

“Next, we add the cold brew into a keg of Nitrogen – creating Nitro Brew!”

5. Pizza Subs


3 Winecellar Entry – Website

Vandal Subs

Introducing the Vandal Sub. This is sensational.

Your favourite pizza filling wrapped in homemade dough into a sub. Served with sides and dip.

This makes us so glad that Vandal came into our lives.

6. Banana, Bacon & Peanut Butter Sandwich

Tony & Jen’s

727 Lisburn Road – Website


Tony & Jen’s make the list again with this amazing sambo which shouldn’t work, but definitely does.

They explained: “The sandwich is griddled banana, crispy bacon and a layer of peanut butter/almond butter. Weirdly good, swear!”

It can be served on either coconut flour loaf or Gluten Free bread.

7. Goats Cheese, Cherry, Pecan Praline & Wheaten

Made In Belfast

Cathedral Quarter & City Hall – Website

Whipped Goats Cheese, Sweet & Sour Cherries, Pecan Praline and Guinness Wheaten Crackers

Renowned for its quirky food combinations, from the sensational Sustainable Ginger Beer Battered Haddock to the Chilli & Beer Glazed OutDoor Bred Ribs.

Now the talented chefs over at Made In Belfast have developed this seriously satisfying dish, using Whipped Goats Cheese, Sweet & Sour Cherries, Pecan Praline and Guinness Wheaten Crackers. A must-try!

8. Fry Up Featuring Avocado

 General Merchants

481 Upper Newtownards Road – Website

General Merchant GM Fry Up

The General Merchants Fry Up is everything you’d expect from a glorious cooked breakfast and more – but with a special new addition.

As everyone who’s frequented this popular brunch destination will know, General Merchants goes beyond with their dishes. To that end, this is Zac’s Bakehouse Sourdough Toast, roasted tomato, sherry and thyme roasted field shrooms, Given’s bacon, honey mustard sausages from Hannan Meats, Clonakilty Black Pudding , poached eggs – and in homage to divine fresh food – avocado.

This delicious fry-up of local produce is perfectly complimented by the lightness of this prepared avocado. If you don’t believe us, we seriously recommend giving it a try!

9. Fusion Burrito


Botanic Avenue – Website

Peri Peri Chicken

Fusion in a burrito, Kurrito combines burrito wraps with curry infusion – and the results are outstanding.

After selecting your Burrito (or alternatives) the choice of fillings are undeniably hunger-pain-inducing. Kurrito stands out with its mouth-watering options, ranging from the likes of Kudoori Chicken marinated in a blend of spices then grilled to perfection, to Machi – fresh fish in a succulent tasty sauce.

Vegetarian options include the Butternut Squash & Coconut and Paneer & Peas. Finish in serious style with mint chutney, Kurrito’s Salsa Chutney, Xtra Hot Chutney and more. Extras include the likes of delicious Pakora balls, Samosa, and Sweet Potato Fries.

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