You may have encountered some motivational messages in the strangest of places on your travels about Belfast today. If so, the people behind it are hoping they’ve left you in a positive mood.

The Positivity Takeover is a ‘pay it forward’ movement, created to make people smile and spread positive vibes. Little cards with positive and motivational quotes are being left for strangers to find, at bust stops, cafe tables, post boxes and the like!

Each card has the hashtag #PositivityTakeover on it so the finder can share their discovery on social media and get involved themselves – creating a surge in positive messages across the social channels.

This movement, created by a County Antrim design and craft company – Itty Bitty Book Co – is spreading quickly all over the world with ‘happy cards’ already being left in Madrid, Scotland, Texas, London and New York as well as Belfast and throughout Ireland.

Itty Bitty Book co-owners Astra and Al McNicholl have been focused on promoting positivity since starting the business in 2013 and are excited to see how far this idea can go. You can find them at the Itty Bitty Book Co stall every weekend at St.Georges Market.

“I love seeing the Positivity Takeover come to life, it’s an idea I’ve been dreaming about for years,” said Astra. “Random acts of kindness can do so much – for both parties involved. It’s just a beautiful thing to try and make someone smile who you’ve never met, and may never meet.”

People are encouraged to join the Positivity Takeover by leaving their own inspirational messages for strangers to find, and share on social media using the #PositivityTakeover

Instagram is the main focus but all platforms are being used. You can purchase bundles of ‘happy cards’ from Itty Bitty Book Co for a small (cost covering) fee at there’s also more about the movement, pictures from the Positivity Takeover around the world and a bit on the scientific link between kindness and happiness!

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