The hunt for Pokémon in Belfast has begun with the Pokémon Go app now available to download in the UK.

Pokémon Go has smashed download records with mobile users rushing to get on board with the craze whereby players use their phone to spot and collect the cute little characters who first rose to fame in the nineties.

It’s an augmented reality game from Nintendo and Niantic where the digital Pokémon characters show up against real world backgrounds via the player’s mobile camera.

Here are some of the hotspots in Belfast where you can collect Pokémon and their associated paraphernalia…


Queen’s University

Ryan’s Bar

The Big Fish

City Hall

Botanic Gardens

Ormeau Park

Titanic Studios

There’s also been a few unconventional locations like this….

Mural in East Belfast

But not everyone is entering into the spirit of things…

Free The Pokemon One!

The launch of Pokemon Go around the world has given rise to safety concerns after a woman discovered a dead body while searching for Pokemon. There’s also been reports of an attempted armed robbery in the US.

Police in Australia asked members of the public to refrain from entering the city’s police station after it was marked as a PokeStop in the game.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland police have warned players to to Poke and Drive.

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