In 1985 the DeLorean automobile hit the PR jackpot when it featured as a time machine in Back To The Future.
Sadly, the car couldn’t match the longevity of Michael J Fox, let alone the time-transcending Marty McFly.
But lo and behold, 30 years on from its most iconic appearance, the car will be brought back to life in Belfast in the form of a photographic project.
Belfast Photo Festival will be officially unveiling their highly awaited DeLorean Print Project this Saturday at 6pm on the lawn of Belfast City Hall.
To bring the car to life a replica DeLorean DMC-12, similar to that used in Back to the Future 2, was meticulously photographed. Each photograph was then printed on A5 size aluminium plates and affixed to the wooden frame to form a 1:1 scale replica of the iconic car.

Last month at the Culloden Estate and Spa, Belfast, the former employees of the Dunmurry factory, where the unlikely star of Robert Zemeckis’ trilogy was proudly rolled off the production line, reunited for the first and potentially last time.

 Unknown to many, whether they are fans of the film or automotive enthusiasts, the former employees of had a unique tradition of adding their own personal touches to the DMC-12 during  production. Often found on the unseen inner stainless steel body panels of the DMC-12 are messages – coined ‘cave paintings’ – that give us a glimpse into the enthusiasm of each employee during their time with the DeLorean Motor Company in the early 1980s.

In keeping with this tradition, the former employees who travelled from across the world to convene in Belfast were met by the staff behind the Belfast Photo Festival where they once again added their own unique messages to the individual photographic aluminum plates that formed the DMC-12 sculpture.

The sculpture remains on display until June 30.


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