The Pokemon Go craze has gone seriously global – with professionals across he world even quitting their jobs to pursue the game full-time.

They include New Zealander Tom Currie, who has become a full-time Pokemon hunter.

The 24-year-old quit his job in Auckland to embark on a two month tour of New Zealand, with the aim of capturing all of the Pokémon released on smartphone game Pokémon Go last month.

 Tom Currie is having a lot of fun capturing Pokémon in New Zealand. Photograph: Tom Currie

Tom told the Guardian: ““I wanted to have an adventure.

“I have been working for six years and I was desperate for a break. And Pokémon gave me the chance to live that dream.”

And it seems Tom’s certainly not alone, with reports of similar stories across the world.

It comes as a new survey reported that those that do go to work, have no qualms about playing it in from of their employers – with 53% of employees who play Pokemon Go admitting they do so during working hours.


A staggering 43% say they play up to three hours and 27% play between three and five hours at work a week. Whilst 15% say they play the game at work for seven or more hours every week.

Qualtrics, one of the world’s largest specialists in employee engagement, surveyed 500 British Pokemon Go players. According to the research, not only are UK workers relaxed about playing Pokemon Go at work, they would be happy to share their love of Pokemon Go with their bosses too.

Indeed, 33% said they would be proud to tell their employers that they play and only 5% said they would be embarrassed to do so.


Furthermore, players are far less concerned about playing Pokemon Go at work than they are about trespassing on private land while doing so. Only one in four (21%) admit to trespassing while 79% claim not to have trespassed on private land to play the game.

Alarmingly, people who regularly play thought that up to 60% of their fellow gamers play while driving. 1 in 10 players confessed to having been stopped by Police while playing the game when driving.

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