GuesswhoCQ has everyone guessing what is coming to the buzzing Cathedral Quarter of our wee city – with anyone who guesses correctly promised a cheeky free lunch when it opens its doors.

Bacon & Egg Muffins

With a menu that will include pulled beef burritos, southern fried chicken, sweet potato fries, hot boxes, ribs – and even bacon & egg muffins (that are allegedly better than Ronald’s) – all we know is, we’ll definitely be in the queue when it opens!

We reckon we have this one pretty much sussed, but can’t be sure until #guesswhoCQ makes the official announcement – which they promise is ‘on the horizon!’

So what do we know so far?


So far all we know is that #guesswhoCQ has listed itself as food AND groceries – prompting a few people to suggest it must be a Centra; Mace; or even popular convenience food chain Greggs – which does offer a sit-in or take-away option in most of its stores. But is this stay in – or take away only?!

Whilst Greggs is expanding across Northern Ireland, it didn’t promote its new standalone shop in Boucher or even Applegreen.


Whilst some have guessed Slim’s or even McDonald’s, #guesswhoCQ is keeping us guessing with this quote from their Facebook page:

“Guys, not only do our bacon and egg muffins beat Ronald’s, our Southern fried chicken tops the colonel’s and we’ve got moreish sweet potato fries that leave any healthy kitchen in the dust!”


Read into it what you will, but we’re taking that as a definite hint!

Meanwhile, other excited Facebook users have guessed Leon – the fast food chain that ‘both tastes good and does you good’ which is so popular in London, and boasts delights such as the Chargrilled Chicken Hot Box with Aioli, Sicilian Chicken Meatballs, and Hot Smoked Salmon Superfood Salad – to name just a few!

What do you guys think it could be?! Leave your guesses in the comments section below!

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