DANI is a musician and student. Her second EP A Whisker Away is out May 21.

Home is…

Tell us something your mum doesn’t know about you?
My first trip to Scotland (as an adult) was in a car that was bought from a friend for three days for £200, let’s just say everything wasn’t entirely above board but it was an amazing time with great people.

What would you do if you had the keys to the city for the day?
Supply homeless women with sanitary products for at least a year.

What’s the most interesting discovery you’ve made in Belfast?
Just yesterday, I did a photo shoot and recorded a video at one of the last remaining dance halls in Belfast, the Maple Leaf in East Belfast. It is an incredible building, with panoramic views over Belfast and a great view of Samson and Goliath, not to mention the dance hall itself complete with neon lights and goldfish tanks (goldfish included) built into the wood panelling that lines the interior.

Which building would you most like to be locked in overnight?
The Empire. I’ve had so many great nights there. It’s my favourite place in Belfast.

Celebrity crush?
Wallis Bird

Describe your perfect day in the city?
Climb Cavehill in the morning, coffee at common grounds, go to one of the new art exhibitions in the mac and the Ulster Museum, dinner at a new place and the empire on a Thursday night, Rab McCullagh.

Favourite restaurant
I know Boojum isn’t really a restaurant but I love it.
I really like trying new food and if I had money I’d like to try the new restaurants/cafes that are popping up everywhere, like 5A for example.

Best place in Belfast to spend a fiver
Paying into a gig, Voodoo on a Thursday night has amazing local acts on, then, onto the empire, it’s free in and always fun.

Sum up Belfast in three words?
Friendly, talented, people.


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