Earlier this week up at Foyleside Shopping Centre an act of extreme generosity took place… or extreme insanity depending on how you look at it.

Police in Derry have investigated reports that a man gave away free money to people in the shopping centre in Derry on Tuesday.

It is understood the man threw a mixture of £10 and £20 notes from the first floor onto shoppers below.

The man gave one local family £400 and proceeded to hand £20 notes to shoppers as he walked through the centre.

A woman has described the moment the mystery man presented her with £400.

Lucinda McLaughlin, from Limavady, was enjoying a cup of coffee with her husband when she felt something touch her shoulder.

“It was like a miracle,” said Lucinda. “I was sitting with my husband discussing how we were going to afford a new Dyson Vacuum Cleaner when I felt something touch my shoulder.

“I looked around, there was no one there but there was a pile of money at my feet – I counted the money and it came to £400 – I couldn’t believe it,” she declared.

“Apparently this man was going around leaving money in little bundles around the shopping centre – I don’t know why he was doing it, but it’s one of the most generous things I’ve ever heard of.”

All of the money examined by the PSNI was found to be genuine.

The police have stated that no crime was committed and the identity of the man remains a mystery.

Source: derryjournal.com


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