We expect a few of the usual online banter merchants to be at large on April Fools’ Day trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

But is it still possible to trick people with fictional stories about buses that run on cooking oil or a dog being given an honorary degree considering so many of the factual stories we’re presented as news are impossible to comprehend?

Here are 7 stories that proof the truth is stranger than fiction…

1. Man arrested for overdue video cassette

James Meyers

A man was arrested in America for failing to return a VHS movie he rented in 2001.

James Meyers was pulled over in North Carolina for a broken tail light, but after officers ran his licence he was asked to step out of the vehicle and informed there was a warrant for his arrest from 2002 for not returning a video cassette to a rental store in Kannapolis.

Turns out the movie was Freddy Got Fingered. Sounds like James Got Shafted as well.

Read more at Sky News

2. Chance encounters between doppelgangers

Doppelganger stories have proved a big hit with at least two separate meetings of long lost face twins making the news.

Firstly these two men being put next to each other on a Ryanair flight bound for Ireland turned out to be pure coincidence.


Then we learned how a pair of men with the same name and same face met by chance on Facebook.

Billy and Billy Wright met after a man messaged the wrong Billy after meeting the other Billy in a bar in the USA.

Billy Wright

He had confused construction worker Billy Martin Wright (23) of Bournemouth, UK, with metal worker Billy Winslow Wright (25) of Pennsylvania, US.

Read more at The Sun

3. Sweden introduce 6-hour working day


Sweden’s introduction of a 6-hour working day sent the internet into meltdown with people taking to social media to call on their government to do likewise. Perhaps if we wrote off all the time spent on social media we’d realise we’re only actually working a 4-hour day in the UK.

Read more at The Independent

4. Passenger gets photo with hijacker


Ben Innes made the news when a picture of him alongside the Cyprus plane hijacker emerged. He had been held hostage on the EgyptAir jet after it was forced to land in Cyprus by a hijacker strapped with fake explosives.

Mr Innes said he “just threw caution to the wind while trying to stay cheerful in the face of adversity”.

It’s just as well the same fella wasn’t on board the Titanic.


5. £26.45 for a bottle of water


The Merchant Hotel got tongues wagging (but not all in thirst) when the launched a new range of water in the restaurant including one costing £26.45. As an alternative we worked out how much craft beer you could get for the same amount… more than enough to take your mind off the water, and anything else for that a matter.


6. Northern Ireland qualify for major tournament


Don’t get us wrong, we’re as pleased as anyone that the Green and White Army are going to France this summer, but before a ball was kicked of the Euro campaign we weren’t exactly filled with optimism.

When you consider Northern Ireland were without a win in eight games going into the Euro 2016 Qualification campaign it makes the achievement of reaching a first major tournament in 30 years something worth singing about… until this happened…

7. Donald Trump runs for President


Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the Republican nomination.

The fact that Donald Trump is running for President of the USA isn’t in itself unbelievable. It’s the fact that he hasn’t been laughed out of town for his ambitions, instead this power crazy Oompa Loompa appears to have a sizeable backing for his campaign to rid the world of everyone but white people in toupees.

Should he succeed Barack Obama in the White House it will be proof that Orange Is The New Black.

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