You can’t beat an ice cold, refreshing glass (or three) of white wine during a hot summer’s evening.

Or even a rainy evening. Or simply just to cheer us up after a particularly rough day. In fact, there is no wrong time.

Drinking wine in the tub

But apparently – we might have to start looking for a replacement.

The bad news comes after a brutal summer of heavy rain and giant hailstones has all but destroyed the vineyards of the Chablis region, the northernmost wine district of the Burgundy in France.

The cool climate of this region usually produces wines with more acidity and flavours less fruity than the Chardonnays, which are grown in warmer climates.


Because of the disastrous weather however, wine maker and vice president of the Chablis Commission Louis Moreau told Decanter that the Chablis 2016 vintage will be up to 50% smaller than average.

Moreau said: “There’s no question that 2016 has been difficult and challenging so far with frost, rain, hail and mildew. I can’t recall a vintage like it. Certainly, we have seen nothing like it in the last 40-50 years.

“I hope we have a good vintage from now until October. But whatever happens it can’t undo what has already occurred. Last month, in June, we had the equivalent of six months rain.”

And the advice? Buy up as many bottles as you can right now because the shortage is about to drive prices through the roof.



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