WWE came to town recently in front of a packed out SSE Arena with fans getting a night full of drama and a bit of muscular pantomine.

Before the action got started Jake Williamson squared up to two of WWE’s rising stars – Cesaro and Becky Lynch. Jake should be fairly easy to pick out in the photo above beside Swiss man mountain Cesaro and high-flying Irish diva Becky Lynch.

Q&A with Becky Lynch

Wrestlemania was such a massive win for you, when you were in NXT two years ago, did you imagine you would be in Wrestlemania and have arguably the best match?

That was always the goal but I don’t think I saw it happening so quick, there’s so many people in NXT and you never know who is going to come over and I didn’t see myself coming over so quickly. When I got signed this was always the ambition to get to Wrestlemania, as is most peoples, that’s what we came to do and it was amazing in the ring with two people I respect.

Are women treated equally in the WWE?

Absolutely, we are right there front centre with the Undertaker, Triple H, we are on an even keel and the lads are always so good to us, there’s no difference.

Could women ever fight men?

You don’t really see that in different sports, not in tennis and that’s fine.

After you had a tough injury you weren’t sure if wrestling was right for you at the time, what changed that and made you come back?

When I left it, there wasn’t a single day I didn’t think about it. I did these other jobs like a flight attendant, bartender, etc and there was a voice in my head saying, ‘You’re not doing what you want to do’. I wasn’t sure how to get back into it, I was young, 19, an idiot. I was confused and lost. My regret is I never should have left for a while. But if I didn’t give up then to try things I thought I wanted to do wouldn’t be here. It was a blessing.

Do you feel like you are on home turf in Belfast?

Yes! Even when I got off the plane, the weather’s different, even the cereal bars are different so I know I’m home!

Q&A with Cesaro

In Switzerland is wrestling popular?

No, but I am. Wrestling is very, very small in Switzerland.

How did it feel missing out on Wrestlemania this year?

I felt terrible, it’s what you work for all year in the biggest stadium with the biggest crowd, so yeah not fun.

There’s been legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley and Ric Flair talking you up, how does it feel when guys that are legends are saying nice things about you?

It feels great and they’re obviously right. But it also adds a certain amount of pressure. I was injured but had 180 matches last year. You are only as good as your last match. It’s been my life ambition to prove people wrong.

Q&A with both wrestlers

Have you ever played as yourself in the video game?

Becky – I’m not in the game, didn’t make the cut! (hangs head in shame for poor journalist research) 

Cesaro – You will next year! Yeah I love playing with myself.  (I ask – would you like to re-word that?)

Hardest opponent you have ever faced?

Becky – For me, Charlotte. With Ric Flair as her dad doesn’t help. She’s super athletic, strong and determined. There’s a reason she’s the champion.

Cesaro – I would say myself. Not in the ring but I have to challenge myself. Or Sheamus.

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