The main event at this year’s Titancon is a Game Of Thrones bus tour which includes several locations not available on any other tours.

Here’s the seven key locations you’ll get to visit before sitting down for a banquet fit for a Baratheon.

1. Dark Hedges

Dawn at the Dark Hedges taken at 7am on tuesday morning on the 19th of July.

Dawn at the Dark Hedges taken at 7am on tuesday morning on the 19th of July.

Used in season two for the King’s Road where Arya and Gendry left King’s Landing with Yoren

2. Cushendun Caves

Where Davos rowed Melisandre into the cave to give birth to the Shadowbaby assassin that killed Renly

3. Carnlough

Where Arya dragged herself out of the Braavos canal after The Waif stabbed her.

4. Clandeboye Estate

4a. Jaime’s Stump

The tree stump where Locke cuts off Jaime Lannister’s hand.

4b. Godswood North Of The Wall

Where Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly give their Night’s Watch vow.

4c. Craster’s Keep

Where the Night’s Watch stop seeking shelter and news on why the wilding villages are empty. This is where Sam first met Gilly and Jon witnessed Craster giving his baby boy to the White Walkers and then confronted Lord Commander Jeor Mormont over it.

4d. Helen’s Tower & Tower Lake

Including the camp where the Hound kills the men that attacked Septon Ray and the villagers, the tree from which the Brotherhood Without Banners hung more of the criminals that murdered and stole food using their name, and the lakeside where Sandor Clegane talks with Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr before taking a leak in the lake.

Titancon Chairperson Phil Lowles said: “Deciding on a route for this year’s tour was quite tricky. Ideally we would like to see as many locations from the most recent season as possible, but many of the locations from season six are on private estates that are not interested in allowing coach tours onto their land. That is their right of course but it leaves us with fewer options for new places to visit. However, we will be visiting several locations at Clandeboye Estate that you won’t see on any other Game of Thrones Coach Tour.”

The tour departs from the Wellington Park Hotel at 9.50am on Sunday October 2 and returns to the same location at 8pm. The cost is £43 which includes a hog’s roast feast in the banquet hall at Clandeboye Estate.

And there’s more…

This year’s Titancon which runs from Friday September 30 until Sunday October 2 will also include a host of special guest including a trio of cast members from Game Of Thrones.

Game Of Thrones Guests

Kerry Ingram ~ Shireen Baratheon

Ron Donachie ~ Rodrik Cassel

Annette Hannah ~ Frances

There will also be Game Of Thrones crew including

Emma Andrews ~ Drapes department

Game of Thrones Extras

Literature Night

Authors appaearing on Literature Night on Friday September 30 include…

Peter F. Hamilton

Pat Cadigan

Ian McDonald

Ruth Frances Long

Peadar Ó Guilín

Debbie (DJ) McCune

Jo Zebedee

Rachael (R.B) Kelly

And if you’re after something a bit different there’s…

Historical Fencing NI

Brutal Ballet

Elsewhere at this year’s Titancon you’ll be able to gaze in wonder at the Lovely Beard Contest and be amazed by some of the immacutely dressed entrants of the Costume Contest.

TitanCon is a not-for-profit science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast focused on showcasing literary and artistic accomplishments in Northern Ireland within the field of speculative fiction and works of the imagination.

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