Diners are being invited to confess their fears by posting what frightens them most on Face Your Fears boards across all Little Wing restaurants. And in exchange you could win free pizza for a year…

At the end of the week they’ll use it to sum up what Belfast is most afraid of along with our weirdest and funniest fears.

Yes that’s right, this Halloween Little Wing wants to find out what gives you the heebie-jeebies the most.

What instils the most paralysing fear in you?

Is it the thought of Liverpool actually winning the league like this unnerved customer?


You have until the scariest day of the year (aka October 31) to decide if it’s spiders, snakes, or maybe even mice? Dine in one of six Little Wing branches and reveal what gives you goosebumps, and you could win a year’s worth of free pizza!

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Or you possess a more serious fear – of falling down a lift.


Whilst, it seems some of us have been watching too many horror films…


Which seems like a pretty good deal to us. A slice of pizza in our hands would help us battle most of our biggest fears to be honest. Especially Little Wing pizza. Come at us spiders and do your worst. Slurp.

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