belfastvibe commentator Katrina O’Reilly is a well-known Belfast singer. She stands out from the crowd with her distinctive style and colourful personality.

In an open and honest piece she discusses selfie culture and asks – are we brave enough to go #nofilterneeded?

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Katrina O’Reilly

I am first to admit that the relationship I have with my full length mirror at my home is a close and unhealthy one.

I spend way to much time in front of it picking myself apart. Some days I am unsure about my hair, some days I concede I am “fat” and in instances like this morning I decided that the fine lines around my eyes are becoming more than an issue.

Like most women I like to look after myself, little beauty rituals are part of my day. I indulge in both manicures and pedicures, I bleach my teeth, I spend way to much time in the gym and generally avoid anything delicious and laden with sugar.

Some people might view this as vanity on my part but in all honesty I think as a women living in modern society, a lot can be attributed to the pressure that now exists to look a certain way.

Lots of my friends have similar tendencies, and it is becoming harder to accept oneself when beauty seems so definitive these days. Social media outlets such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram can have a negative impact when moulding attitudes to how we look also.

The selfie culture is a perfect example of the obsession society has with physical attributes rather than more important qualities in a person. I am definitely guilty of posting the odd selfie to my Facebook or Instagram account, before writing this piece the reasoning behind this behaviour had never entered my mind.

I guess the selfie phenomenon is all part of popular culture and capturing the moment “selfie style” has become a very normal practice.

However I must confess to taking multiple selfie pictures before carefully deciding which one to upload and a full face of make up is always involved. When and how did we evolve into the narcissistic age?

I believe the cult of the celebrity has a lot to answer to. Women cant help but measure themselves against the star in the magazine or on TV. Kim Kardashian is a perfect example with her glowing skin, disproportionate body and perfect wardrobe, she often makes me feel like Shrek in a dress.

Not only does she have a beauty squad at her disposal keeping her camera ready but she also has an entire world of designers wanting to dress her. How does the average Jane complete with this? and is it any wonder we are becoming a society obsessed with self image.

We have never had so much access to celebrities and their lives before and the fine line between reality and celebrity has become blurred. Last week another member of the Kardasian clan broke the internet.

The #kyliejennerchallange saw teens blowing up their lips using bottles and shot glasses in search of the youngsters perfect bee-stung pout. Videos went viral of the craze and countless boys and girls were left with severe bruising of the mouth and ego.

This is how far people are traveling on the quest for perfection and frankly I think its ridiculous. Whatever happened to healthy self concept and acceptance of imperfection.? We are all so busy trying to emulate people like Kim K, we have forgotten we are unique.

I think its time to start a new challenge, because real life doesn’t come with a filter and beauty is so much more than the perfect arched eyebrow or pumped up pout. So here you have it, my bravest selfie yet because sometimes its about being real. #nofilterneeded

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Katrina fully made up and ready for the town

INBV-Katrina O'Reilly

Katrina’s #nofilterneeded selfie

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