We’ve been informed of an event taking place in Belfast on Monday August 1 and to be honest we’re pretty baffled.

The basics of it are that some people will be gathering at Dunbar Link for an all-day ritual. The ritualistic game will involved destroying things though we’re not sure whether they mean physically or metaphorically.

Anywhere here’s the description we got from the guys who are hosting the event…

What is it?

An all-day ritual/game called The Dawn.

Where is it?

The Great Pyramid, Dunbar Link, Belfast, BT1 2AL

What’s going to be happening?

We shall be destroying representations of artefacts from the course of human history and employing black coffee and muffins as bribes in so doing. Come along and assist the transmutation of labour-entropy into festivity-play.

How do we find you?

From the back of St Anne’s Cathedral walk up Talbot Street towards the dual carriageway. When you reach Dunbar Link look across the road to the left; if you see something curious that’ll be it.

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