Louis Walsh was sensationally axed from this year’s judging panel on the X Factor in order to make room for Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw.

But he clearly hasn’t lost the judge bug as he has just been officially unveiled as the latest judge to join Talent Fest UK, which takes place in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens September 26 and 27.

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Yes, after 11 years on the prime time TV show, Louis will lend his catchphrases (“You look like a popstar, talk like a popstar and most importantly you SING like a popstar” to name but one) to another regional talent competition.

It holds heats all across the UK and Northern Ireland for singers, dancers, actors and performers of all ages.

Whilst we’re not totally sure if anyone’s actually been following the X Factor for the past couple of years, we think we will miss Louis Walsh.

We couldn’t help but reminisce with the best bits of Season Nine, back when X Factor was actually still quite enjoyable. And to be honest, most, if not all, of the laughs (whether we are laughing at or with him) are provided by none other than Mr Louis Walsh.

Yes, who could forget the awkward moment Louis decided to interrogate the contestants with this random line of questioning, “Do you have any pets?”

But it’s not just the hilarious catchphrases we’re going to miss. Just watch the link below to see the best hilarious times Louis wore his heart on his sleeve…

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