As FHM prepares to get pulped after three decades on the top shelves as a diet version of Playboy, the iconic publication have picked a one of TV’s best known milfs as their final cover girl.

Holly Willoughby, who previously graced the popular lads’ magazine cover in November 2008, said she was nervous about doing it, thinking she may not fit the bill as a mother of three.


Holly’s Instagram post

“I was so nervous about doing it,” she explained, before adding: “I loved it when I was there. But when they asked me to do it, I was like “Really? I think my days might’ve gone… mum of three now”… but that kind of was part of the reason I did it as well.”

In the shoot Holly showcases her incredible curves in a classic off-shoulder gown, while her facial features were immaculate as ever.

Admiring the magazine cover, This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield remarked: “It’s a great pic. What an honour as well to be on the last one.’

However, showbiz sniffer Rylan Clark had other views on the pose, saying: “You look lovely, we’re very proud of you… but I think you should have gone the full whack. It’s the last one, you should have just let go for the lads!”

Unable to hold her laughter, Holly joked: “Do you?…Well you wait until you see the back page!”

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