Calling all Gogglebox fans!

The chance to appear on the show yourself has arrived at last, as the Irish version of the hit Channel 4 show will be hitting our TV screens – as soon as September!

The news comes as TV producers are currently on the lookout for families and friends to be part of the newest series.

The Irish version of the show, which has been hugely successful on Channel 4, is set to air on TV3 later this year and they need more participants.

A TV3 spokesperson for the show told Belfast Live, casting so far has been a great success but they’re still on the look out for more people.

Explaining how the casting process has worked so far, she said: “It’s a running process at the moment. We’re looking for around 10-12 families initially and as they come on air which will be around September time, it’s kind of like a watch and see situation.

“Initially the producers decided they didn’t want to do a call out for people, so what they have been doing is going round doing recruitment by observation.

“So they’ve been in cafés all over the country, in supermarkets, going round different areas chatting to people on the ground, asking if they know any characters who would be good for the show.”

She continued: “Casting has gone really well and we have quite a few families/couples/friends and already that we’ve pinpointed.

“Now we’re at the stage where we are in a good position but we want to give it that little extra push.

“The focus areas at the moment are like older couples, rural farming backgrounds, maybe a GAA mad family, that kind of thing.

“So if people want to get in touch there is a casting email and it’s, they’re producing it for TV3 and they are working very closely with Studio Lambert who produce the show for Channel 4 in UK.

“What they do then is have a chat on the phone, have a Skype call and then meet them up and do a mock casting, that’s how it’s done.”

Source: Belfast Live

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