If a heterosexual male doesn’t come to a standstill in the middle of the street to admire the naked female form then something is amiss with the world.

The sex sells principle is one that’s long been applied by advertisers, quite simply because it works.

And even when it doesn’t, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Here’s a prime example.

Jay bum

The sign that’s caused uproar with older ladies

Belfast entrepreneur Jay Millar has been facing complaints about an advert featuring a woman in a G-string with the name of his business on her bum.

It was designed to promote Jay’s Male Grooming salon on Bloomfield Avenue, and put in place around two weeks ago.

Jay, who opened his salon in 2012, said most of his clients loved the poster, but that others had come into the salon to complain about it.


Jay’s Salon at Bloomfield Avenue

He added: “If you look at some of the other businesses around, the pictures they have are far more explicit.”

He said the salon did a naked calendar shoot for Movember and received no complaints, yet his new posters has caused a stir.

“I’ve been threatened with the Nolan Show by some older women.

“Everyone’s talking about it. But I’ll not be taking it down.”

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