A new comedy about a teenage girl growing up during The Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1990’s has been announced by Channel 4.

Derry Girls will be set in the run-up to the ceasefire and will be based on the experiences of writer Lisa McGee.

The six-part sitcom will follow 16-year-old Erin and her friends in 1994 and will show armed police in armoured Land Rovers, British Army checkpoints and “peace” walls while detailing the daily ups and downs of her life, including romantic and family dramas, conflicts at school and body insecurities.

?Time to Breathe?, the 2010 winning artwork designed by Hannah Gourlay (Source: Channel 4 )

McGee, who grew up in Londonderry at that time, said: “Anything set during the Troubles tends to be a bit grim and bleak, but that just wasn’t my experience of Derry as a child and a teenager, it was a joyful place.

“I’d like to celebrate that. It was also hugely matriarchal, so I was keen we have a large and varied cast of female characters.

“There were other things going on in Northern Ireland at that time, there were other stories, I’m excited to have the opportunity to tell some of them.”

The show was announced by Channel 4 at the Edinburgh TV Festival, and Nerys Evans, deputy head of comedy at the channel, said:

“Derry Girls may have a unique setting but it’s a really warm family sitcom, seen through the eyes of teenager Erin. Lisa’s writing is truthful, brave and laugh-out loud funny.”

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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