Kev Largey, from Belfast, went viral on social media recently – but for a rather unique reason.

Kev was invited to ‘make hay’ while the sun did or didn’t shine in County Tyrone by Sliabh Beagh Arts Project.

The group wants to bring the arts into rural communities and Kev’s graffiti art has definitely proved to be a massive hit.

He has painted up a huge pyramid of silage bales. He told BBC NI: “I get lots of beeps from passing cars.”

“People come up and ask me what I’m doing. They also want to take photographs. It’s been very positive.”

The switch from painting walls to painting silage bales took a little time but, armed with his spray paints, he has converted the huge black plastic wrapped bales into something to smile about.

Indeed, the huge bales have proven so eye catching, that motorists have been stopping on the A4 Belfast Road outside the town to have a proper look!

Kev explained: “I normally do walls and buildings. Black plastic is a bit different. The paintings on the bales are not going to last forever, but that is part of the beauty of it.”

And the art work should prove a little food for thought for the local livestock too. It’s not often you get such colourful wraps on your dinner.

Kev’s mainstay is street art and wall murals. He has been working as a graffiti artist for 10 years.

The cartoonish characters he has created on the Clogher Valley roadside have received widespread acclaim on social media, with plenty of positive messages posted on Sliabh Beagh’s Facebook page.

Part of the group’s ‘Growth and Decay’ programme, which is funded by the Arts Council for Northern Ireland, the Graffiti Bales project aims to introduce quality art works into the everyday lives of farming communities.

Speaking to the Impartial Reporter, Donna Bannon, of Sliabh Beagh Arts, revealed that they have just secured funding from the Arts Council for a further year and were planning two further sets of graffiti bales next month.

She said: “All of our work is in rural communities and we look to the landscape and see what we can use. Kev Largey is a genius and we are completely amazed by the reaction to the graffiti bales.”

The arts coordinator said that the area covered by the group ran from Augher to Donagh and that the next set of bales were likely to be located in the Donagh/ Roslea/ Corranny area – so keep your eyes peeled!

Source: BBC NI & Impartial Reporter

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