You can moan about smokers all you like, but if it wasn’t for those cancer-stick-wielding bad guys then the do-gooders would never have imposed a smoking ban.

What started out as apartheid for smokers has resulted in an outdoor drinking culture never before seen in the city of Belfast.

Here’s our favourite 9 beer gardens in Belfast…

1. The National

As well as having one of the city’s biggest beer gardens, upstairs club Sixty6 has a rooftop terrace. Now you can spend an entire day there without ever venturing indoors.

INBV-Beer Gardens The National

2. The Hudson

More than just a beer garden they’ve created a small hamlet for outdoor drinkers around their base in Gresham Street.

INBV-Beer Gardens The Hudson

3. The Dirty Onion

The fact that you’re looking at a huge, partially demolished building in the beer garden at the Dirty Onion never grows old.

INBV-Beer Gardens Dirty Onion

4. Cutters Wharf

The outdoor area at Cutters is so much of a sun trap that it’s easy to forget there’s an indoor area too. Until you need the toilet.

INBV-Beer Gardens Cutters Wharf

5. Filthy McNastys

This sprawling outdoor complex is a sight to behold late in the evening time when both the garden decorations and patrons are fully lit.

INBV-Beer Gardens Filthy Quarter

6. Duke Of York

Not a beer garden as such but there’s nothing better than clinking a few glasses in the alleyway outside the historic pub.

INBV-Beer Garden Duke of York

7. The Sunflower

This beer garden takes al fresco drinking to a whole new level with the inclusion of an outdoor pizza oven.

INBV-Beer Gardens Sunflower

8. The Apartment

Just reopened this weekend the Apartment is now graced with a new rooftop beer garden. The move to take the roof off is an ingenious one.

INBV-Beer Gardens Apartment

9. Lavery’s

The complex in Bradbury Place just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Last time I checked they’d two beer gardens.

INBV-Beer Gardens Laverys

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