A new survey has revealed that Belfast is one of the UK’s most cost-effective cities for university students.

It may be down to the fact that Belfast students apparently work the most part-time hours in the UK – despite paying less in rent than students in any other city.

Do We Really Socialise LESS?!


The Ulster Bank Student Living Index reveals today that Belfast students also socialise least, according to the survey of 2,500 students in 25 cities, and study more than the UK average!

But somehow, we find that hard to believe! With the likes of Queen’s Students Union, Lavery’s and Belfast’s most amazing city centre bars always rammed with our finest uni students – we reckon the rest of the UK would have to party pretty hard to outdo us.

Most Cost Effective City

Cocktails at Loteria

But we definitely agree with the findings that revealed overall, Belfast comes out as one of the UK’s most cost-effective university cities, based on students’ average expenditure and average income.

Because, as previously featured within Belfast On A Budget: 11 Places To Eat & Drink Without Breaking The Bank, Belfast has some seriously competitive deals.

Honest Pizza Meal Deals

For example, you can chow down on a takeaway from Honest Pizza with some seriously reduced prices when you opt for any of the fantastic meal deals on offer.

The Student Deal at just £8.95 will get you any 12″ pizza with house made tomato sauce, real Italian mozzarella cheese and two toppings of your choice, a garlic pizza bread and a drink.

Meanwhile, if you’re hungry before 7pm (and who isn’t?!) the Early Bird will bag you a delicious 12″ sourdough crust, house made tomato sauce, real Italian mozzarella cheese topped with 2 toppings of your choice all for £7.99. Check out the site for more amazing meal deals.


Whilst coffee addicts can quell their cravings for seriously discounted prices. Aurthur’s in the city centre serves selected takeaway coffees for just £1 up to 11am!

Dining out doesn’t have to be expensive either, particularly if – like so many students – you live in the thriving Stranmillis area. Where every day, you can enjoy two mouth-watering courses for only £5.95 per person, at amazing Indian restaurant Indie Spice!

Indie Spice

Or you can pop along to nearby popular restaurant Loteria @Birdcage – where you no longer have to fear Monday’s…  Not when every Monday is Margarita Monday! It’s buy 1 get 1 free at £6.95 for one. So why not catch a ray or two of sunshine on the terrace with some wings, tacos or nachos for the ultimate bliss!

Little Wing

For anyone on a budget, lunchtime doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Available 11am – 4pm every day, you can grab a tasty Slice with an Insalata Mista or Chicken Caesar Salad for just £4.95, or a 6” Pizza and Salad for the same price. Add a cup of Minestrone soup for only £1.25!


And with a lunch menu starting at a fiver every day of the week boasting some of our favourite comfort food, Ryan’s is the perfect lunchtime treat for a meal out with mates – especially at such budget friendly prices!

Rent’s Seriously Cheap


Rent is a key factor in Belfast’s cost-effectiveness, with students spending the least on rent – an average of £73.81 per week – compared to a UK average of £109.

Belfast students also spend an average of £7.03 per week on alcohol – less than students surveyed in many other UK cities, and only slightly more than the overall average of £6.85.

We Look Good Whilst Doing It

Legally Blode

Everybody knows that, to get good results – first you must feel good. Well, that’s the premise to most Romantic Comedies and clearly – it’s struck a chord with our fashionable students.

Because Belfast apparently spends the most money in the UK on ‘clothes, shoes, and accessories’, according to the Index.

A Comparison


Portsmouth is the most affordable city in the UK for students, according to the Index. Edinburgh was found to be the most expensive city for studying with above average rent costs playing a major factor, combined with significantly lower than average term-time income.

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